Alexandra Willis
Alexandra Willis
Essential Oil Health Expert

2016 - Present

Speaking with passion on the use of pure essential oils to support the ever growing interest in natural wellness. Delivering interesting and relatable content on many subjects including everyday healthy habits,  toxin free living and looking at prevention as a key to long term wellbeing.  I love engaging with the audience, being interactive and sharing the oils with humour and my heart.

It was 6 years ago, when speaking to a friend about a health issue I was having, that I was introduced to these beautiful pure oils.  Being very sceptical, my surprise at how effectively they worked was real.  I felt the need to know more and so my journey began.  Learning that science was at the core of the business and that fair co-impact farming globally was their sourcing method, this drove my desire to continue to learn more and start sharing with others. I now work with dōTERRA as a Wellness advocate and a speaker on best practice.

Certified Essential Oil Certificate
Aromatherapy Diploma - Distinction

Batchelor of Arts in Drama and Theatre History
London Academy of Performing Arts