Alexander Ford he/him/his
My team and I turn attention into customers at scale

Alexander Ford is an entrepreneur, speaker, and human behavioural specialist. Since he realized at age twelve that he wasn’t built to be just another cog in the machine, Alexander’s been a full-time entrepreneur helping other entrepreneurs and business owners find success. 

As a bona fide millennial, Alexander is a firsthand witness to the explosion of the internet, social media, and content marketing. Recognizing that the rules of the game had changed for every business, he saw that the way forward was to adapt to the new world of business and take advantage of every tool at his disposal. 

Alexander founded Measurable Genius in 2013 as a tech company, but from the beginning, he had bigger dreams for a company that could help business owners comprehensively and sustainably scale their organizations. Over the years, Measurable Genius added an agency and a video production department, as well as continuously building out its tech services. 

Today, Measurable Genius is Calgary’s one-stop shop for all things technology, marketing, and content production, and it’s not stopping there. Because Alexander understands that the best way to serve his clients is to stay on the bleeding edge of technology and culture, he constantly invests in education and cultivates a team that’s unafraid to take risks.  

Alexander shares his knowledge with his community not only by helping local businesses scale to the national level, but through speaking and teaching engagements both online and in-person. Check him out on Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube to discover the principles, strategies, and values that make Measurable Genius a modern solution for a modern business.