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We enhance profits for business owners with no upfront cost

Bringing big business financial profit enhancement expertise to small business at no upfront cost

Aldo has access to 30 US-based specialty and big businesses whose expertise it is to mine money for business owners at pennies on the dollar to access those dollars. The dollars are hidden in paperwork and inefficient processing and lack of executive knowledge by business owners teams.  cost

Aldo interviews the business owners for fit and priority, then engages the specialty vendor to Assess, Discover and Implement an entitlement to benefit conversion process. Many services can be executed inside a week, some take a month and some a quarter and a few like property tax mitigation is an on annual process. Many services continue over several years. The primary product delivered is money or its equivalent, to relieve the business of a roadblock due to the lack of money.

Aldo acts as a Concierge rather than an expert, doctor rather than specialist. He joking asks “so where are you having money cramps?” He is paid by his partners on completed engagements with no upfront cost for feasibility studies. Aldo does not bill his clients. By agreeing to work with Aldo, a business instantly gains access to a powerhouse of partnerships that can enhance profits across the entire business lifecycle. 

His signature talks are:

-10 done-for-you ways to add $250,000 to your business bottom-line profit

-Access, Influence, Entitlements, Leverage, Offset  - Key clues to differentiation and profits at the point of purchase

-Which 40 qualifying businesses would you give $250,000 to if you had $10 million to distribute? And how would you turn that into a high ticket sales campaign for your business?

- Concierge or Expert…who is more likely to build a billion dollar home-based business with no staff and no significant marketing spend?