Founder Anel Korsten other / prefer not to say

💭Imagine this … 💭

A deliberately and consciously planned course to help your students or clients achieve their desired growth & AHA moments.

A course that will educate, inspire, and uplift women and brings about enough knowledge that they would protect their bodies like the QUEENS they deserve to be and dispel all of the disempowerment that brings about with a woman who finds it embarrassing to talk about their body parts.

And, of course, making money in your sleep.

Because honestly? Who doesn’t want that?


And this is a BIG BUT.

💫You do not have the time, energy, and motivation to start.
💫You feel confused about the entire process and get easily overwhelmed when you think about the tech setup because your technical skills are lacking.
💫You have also tried the DIY route, you failed miserably, and it left feeling deflated.

So now you are on the hunt for experts who can help you with the course creation process, experts who have created several courses and understands how the process works.

Does that sound like exactly what you need?

Yep! We thought so!

And that is where we step in.

With a background in online course delivery, systems, education, and marketing, we bring Gynecologists / OB-GYNs the secret recipe to creating deliberately and consciously planned online courses.

Our services are not for those who are looking for a quick solution or for the tire kickers but, instead, for those ready to invest their time and energy into getting that online course up and running, share their knowledge, skills & passion with others, and create the freedom they deserve scale.

It is the no-brainer option for the Gynecologist / OB-GYN who would LOVE to say goodbye to the tech overwhelm, confusion, and delays with our expert hands-on course creation services.

The question is.

Can you afford not to have experts who know how to create courses in your corner?

You can try to go through that entire process and get frustrated with yourself, or you can get help from a team of expert course creators.