Ace McGrath
Ace McGrath
life/ business coach, motivational speaker, mentor,

hi my name is Ace McGrath i am a Burn survivor From Aberdeen, Scotland

i was burned as a child when i was 3 years old i was playing with a lighter and caught my sweatshirt on fire i was engulfed in flames receiving more than 60% 3rd degree full thickness burns to the upper half of my body i am lucky to say the least to be here with you today as i was only giving a 10% chance of survival.

for the last 4 years i have lost my career my business also my accommodation due to needing to have plastic surgery no my skin to relieve the pressure of my skin being thigh and i wished everyday i never had the surgery as it destroyed my life as i become wheelchair boned for 8 months i still to this day use my chair when required, as my life went downhill and i though things could be worse i was made homeless living on the street in my wheelchair as i couldn't take being on my own any more sitting in a hostel not seeing anyone for days, weeks,  months now as i come in to the speaking world and see my true calling to inspire others make a difference in the world and show the world that no matter what their is always to look forward to new day new start in life their are to many opportunities out there just see the future and it will come a reality,

i started my career as a speaker many years ago without realizing i was as i've inspired lots of people see the good in life i found this calling late 2021 and as we are in 2022 i see the true greatness within to inspire the world it's a great feeling to see others pull themselves out of their situation