Abigail Sinclaire
Author, Business Automation & Audience Strategist

Abigail Sinclaire is the CEO of Loom of Tales Mobile App that bridges the relationship gap between Authors and their Readers, for those who desire a deeper connection in the modern virtual world during an era where we can connect with our fingertips.


Loom of Tales is a completely immersive experience for both the Readers and the Authors to depend their connection with each other in a uniquely creative & engaging way. The Mobile App connects Authors directly to their readers leaving them with baited breath for the next time you ping their phone!Her done-for-you mobile app creation services will put you light years ahead of the competition and bring you closer than you’ve ever been to your audience.


She’s also the creator of 3 Magazines; BookwormNook, Inspired Connections, and ReAwakened. She's always looking for contributors.