Big Results Toolkit Giveaway - May 30 - June 5, 2022
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Big Results Toolkit Giveaway - May 30 - June 5, 2022
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Story-Selling Made Easy
Christie Ruffino Master Story Activator

The Story Selling Made Easy system speaks to the heart of mission-driven women who want to harness the power of their story to build their brand and attract clients.


  • Identify your signature story and learn how to cash in on your life experiences.
  • Build out your story highlighting your life purpose and genius zone.
  • Position yourself uniquely in the marketplace to attract and serve your ideal clients.
  • Discover exactly how to express your authentic self in business and create an unforgettable brand.


Micro-Course, Workbook, Story Creation Template, and Story Brand Escalation Checklist.

Energize Your Body, Energize Your Business
Blanche Boyce

In this one-week course, we’ll explore simple, easy-to-learn Tai Chi movements that will relax the body, calm the mind and energize the spirit. 

The course is designed so the movements can be learned and practiced in about 10 - 15 minutes a day.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Calms the mind and nervous system
  • Improves mental focus and memory
  • Promotes confidence and positive emotions
  • Calms the mind and nervous system
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Loosens the joints, increases flexibility, balance, and coordination
  • Promotes healthy sleep

Give your body and your business the boost they need. 

The Profitable Networking Formula Online Program
Debbie Hoffman

The Profitable Networking Formula Program is a 5-module home-study program.

In this program you’ll learn how to:

  • Prepare for networking events… so you’ll radiate confidence and prospective clients will be drawn to you like a magnet
  • Share what you do… so people will “lean-in” to learn more
  • Build a lucrative network of power partners… so you can create a consistent flow of ideal clients
  • Maximize your vendor experience… so more clients will enroll to work with you
  • Use my proven step-by-step templates… so you’ll know exactly what to do and say to connect with people in a powerful way
The Soul Tribe Attraction Playbook and Video Series
Julia Stege

Forget outdated marketing strategies that don't work. Discover how to attract divinely aligned clients by following your inner guidance. This metaphysically inspired playbook will help you

  • ABANDON hyped-up marketing techniques that feel out of integrity
  • IDENTIFY your true SOUL TRIBE, your most loyal customers, the ones who are happy to pay you
  • CLARIFY what makes your SOUL TRIBE attracted to YOU, and you alone ... and begin attracting them now
  • STOP STRUGGLING to serve the wrong people who don’t get you or your value

Includes 5 part video series "Attracting Perfect Customers Online... The Basics," by Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer


Your Prosperity Activator - Mini Video Course to Activate Your Abundance
Mary A Hall Healer and Abundance, Business Coach

Activate Your Abundance and Prosperity Superpowers to Receive Fully in this Powerful Video Course.

You’ll Discover How To:

  • Initiate the Four Key Activators to Turn On Your Abundance and Prosperity
  • Rewire your awareness to increase your financial flow
  • Discover and accelerate all the abundance that surrounds you
  • Activate your income accelerator superpowers
  • Generate limitless prosperity

For over a decade, Mary A Hall has been hosting Abundance Activations with tens of thousands of individuals from all walks of life.

Discover your innate ability to access your very own abundance frequencies and grow your prosperity.

Divine Wisdom Mediation
Carmen Gelinas

Get calm and grounded even when you’re juggling thousands of things or up against uncertain, stressful times.

 The world outside us may be chaotic, but you have the power to stay centered and grounded. Discover how to bring peace and calm to whatever life presents you in just 15 minutes a day.

The Dating Mindset Makeover Mini-Course
Sylvia Chavez

Are you a high-achieving woman who has everything you ever wanted in life but love?


When your mindset is in the wrong space, so are your choices. Repeating old patterns can only result in one failed relationship after another to leave you discouraged, hopeless, and ready to give up on love. There is a way out!


During this MiniCourse delivered in 5 Powerful Videos, you will learn how to:


  • Have the confidence to be yourself, regardless of your past dating experience


  • Learn how to stop attracting the wrong-for-you guys


  • Discover the most powerful dating mindset secrets for single women
BlockBuster Program
Art Giser The creator of Energetic NLP

Clear blocks to your happiness, success, relationships, abundance, and manifesting more of your full potential – without having to analyze yourself, and work hard?  When you learn how to put your spirit and deep inner human wisdom in charge, you can easily release and heal blocks to your success. Watch the videos, relax and ​let the magic happen. Release your unconscious, ancestral, and energetic programming, and the anxiety, fear, and spiritual blocks that hold you back from the joy of manifesting more of your potential. This is the full BlockBuster program!


6-figure Income Money Mindset Course
Dr. Jane Huei Chen Cheng

Secrets to a 6-figure income mindset through our powerful Money Mindset Makeover Course.  Learn a proven system to attract more clients to double your income within 90 days!  Would you like more confidence, more value, more impact? Learn how to create your own unique business and make money quickly and effortlessly using our tools. This 4 module course is easy to apply to reach your money goal with ease. 

Self-Love Infusion 7-day Program
Gillian Windsor

Discover how to quickly restore confidence and activate your positive nurturing energy.

Unlock Your Authentic Presence & Finally *Own* the Stage
Huda Baak

Do you feel one way when you present, and a completely different way when you're off the stage? So often, professional women feel a disconnect between who they are and how they show up when it comes to being "on stage", virtual or in person. 


This workshop is for you if you want to become a magnet to dream clients while showing up confidently and authentically. 


In this powerful 2-hour workshop, you will:


  • Identify your unique, authentic style
  • Up-level the way you show up while remaining true to yourself
  • Have a consistent, professional look that integrates all aspects of you


Goals for Growth
Jennifer Seidelman Success Coach & Trainer

The Goals for Growth workshop was designed for YOU - the business owner passionate about growth and profitability!

Whether you're looking to grow sales, increase your profits, hire new talent, or have another target, take your business to the next level with Goals for Growth.

Not your typical one-size-fits-all approach, Goals for Growth clarifies what drives you and your business. I’ll guide you in developing strategies tailored to YOUR individual needs. You’ll create a unique roadmap for success specifically aligned with your business. 

Stop messing with cookie-cutter goals. Get Goals for Growth to see your business thrive!

How to Stop Overthinking and Take Action!
Linda DeNike

How To Stop Overthinking & Take Action Mini-Course is created for those who overthink, love to think, are big thinkers, think the next thought maybe the best thought, but… have difficulty calming their minds down enough to make a choice and get into action. 

So, if you find it hard to get started because you are procrastinating and putting things off into the future, all while you are busy thinking, thinking, thinking… And, what you REALLY WANT TO, and need to do, is get all your ducks in a row (duck, duck, duck) and GET YOUR ENERGY INTO ACTION… Well then, this mini-course is for YOU!

The Art of Being Assertive with Aggressive People
Vivian Harte

What if you were never afraid of expressing yourself to aggressive people?  With this program, you’ll learn how to speak confidently to them and be heard using a 4-part process, along with the confident body language to use, in just a few minutes.

Here's what you'll get with the program:

  1. A video that teaches you the 4-part process to express yourself and the confident body language to use
  2. A transcript of the video
  3. A workbook to fill in with what you want to say to three people in your life
  4. A recording with self-confidence affirmations
Intermittent Fasting - Easy Weight Loss for Women Over 60
Linda Ray

Losing weight after 60 is a challenge. I know how that feels. I dropped 40 pounds and kept it off for years, until I hit 60 and started to put on weight. I researched and discovered the changes you have to make after 60 to stay in shape. Here is your FREE video series on intermittent fasting – the easy way to lose weight after 60.

Relationship A to Z
Marie-Elizabeth Mali

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn one simple practice or mindset shift a day over the next 30 days to quickly create more love and connection in your relationships. This Relationship A to Z video series highlights different aspects of relationship—one bite-sized letter at a time— and invites you to self-reflect with prompts in your digital journal, so that over the next 30 days you'll have fun learning quick mindset shifts and actionable tools to create more loving and enjoyable relationships.

From Stiff to Nimble in 3 Minutes a Day: Design Your Daily Self-Care
Michael Landau

In this two-week course, you’ll get a variety of tiny movement interventions that will help your self-awareness and improve your quality of movement. You’ll learn to take an occasional one-minute break from sitting at the computer, and use that minute to reset your mind and body, find focus, flexibility, and ease, and be refreshed and comfortable in your skin.

You commit to just three minutes a day. You get a diversified mindful movement practice, not a boring routine to be repeated mindlessly. You learn to create an attitude of self-care that most of us have forgotten long ago.

The 4 Pillars of Existence - The Foundation of Life, Living and the Universe
Zsa Zsa Tudos Esoteric Knowledge Expert

Do you have a feeling that your understanding of life floats without a proper foundation? That your answers to questions have nothing to fall back on? 

With these 4 x 2 hours lectures with Q&A, you would be able to start building a solid foundation to host the knowledge you acquire on your journey. All aspects of life gain a wonderful boost and raise the value of your existence. Answers to your burning questions are provided and gain the courage to step out of your comfort zone with ease and confidence.  I hope to welcome you there!

5 Easy Steps To A Delicious Indoor Herb Garden
Stephanie Newman

Growing a delicious indoor herb garden is easier than you might think! By keeping a few key points in mind, it's simple and rewarding to set up, maintain and daily enjoy fresh herbs from your indoor herb garden.