Big Results Toolkit Giveaway - February 19-25, 2024
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Big Results Toolkit Giveaway - February 19-25, 2024
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Design Your 6-Figure Program
Jeanna Gabellini

Help more clients in less time with a program designed from your heart… specifically for your most ideal clients. This program takes you through bite-size, simple steps to set your program up for six-figure results. I've used this process to consistently fill programs priced from $200 to $20,000.  Get excited to sell-out your program and attract 5-star clients!

Attracting High-End Clients With Premium Offers Workshop Series
Eva Gregory Business Success Mentor

Discover the secrets to scaling your business with high-end clients who are hungry for what you offer!

Let us show you how to combine your zone of genius with the proven strategies that are working today to scale your business for greater impact, influence and income in this power-packed workshop series!

Here are the breakthroughs that await you...

  • Workshop 1: Mastering Your Mindset
    Discover the power of your mindset to magnetize high-end clients effortlessly.
  • Workshop 2: Attracting & Converting High-End Clients With Your Copy & Content
    Discover the secret to creating copy that speaks to the heart of your high-end clients
  • Workshop 3: Designing Lucrative High-Ticket Offers
    Create offers that not only captivate but compel high-end clients to act.
  • Workshop 4: Creating Your High-End Client Accelerator™ Plan
    Develop a bespoke, actionable plan to attract and retain premium clients consistently

Join us and embark on a transformative journey that promises to revolutionize your business, elevate your brand, and position you as an unrivaled force in your industry. 

Podcast Guesting Playbook™ - "How to Profit from Being on Other People's Platforms"
TR Garland CVO/ Founder - Change Makers Worldwide™

Gain Instant Access to the Definitive Guide on "How Professionals Can Profit from being on Other People's Platforms"!

If you're a Coach, Consultant, or Service-Based Professional who's struggled to put PRE-QUALIFIED PROSPECTS into your pipeline...

(who are ready & willing to pay a premium for your products, programs, or professional services)

Then you're about to discover a step-by-step system that uses top-secret tactics to:

🎙️  Expand Your Exposure

🎙️  Amplify Your Authority

🎙️  Connect w/ The Audience Then Convert Them into Clients

Isn't it about time you got the glory that so many other professionals are getting from the power of podcasting?

"Step into the Spotlight" - with confidence as the 'Podcast Guesting Playbook' equips you with timely tactics to turn the connections you make through the Podcasting Process into cash in your bank account.

Story Craft AI Super Prompts & Story Authority Creator GPT
Christie Ruffino Master Story Activator

Unleash your creativity and effortlessly create a compelling story to boost your business brand and connect with your ideal audience. 


  • ✏️ Craft a narrative that hooks your ideal audience from the get-go with the help of Story Craft AI Super Prompts.
  • 🤖 Use our cutting-edge Story AUTHORity Creator GPT to refine and enhance your story.
  • 💪 Boost your business with a story that truly captivates, connects, and converts.

✨ PICTURE THIS…. You, a computer, a bunch of story ideas swirling around in your head, and a little bit of AI magic. Now, imagine transforming those thoughts into an epic brand story.

New Renaissance List Building Playbook & Mini-Workshop
Julia D. Stege


Receive step-by-step guidance through the process of creating your authentic tribe-attracting freebie plus a marketing plan that is fun, fulfilling and sustainable for you!

Ditch the Niche and build a tribe of people who are aligned with your Soul. 


Aligned Action Plan Experience
Antonia Van Becker & Greg Lee

Create Clarity, Confidence and Abundance to Grow your Healing and Coaching Business. Create and follow the Aligned Action Plan Roadmap to create a business that is perfect for you. You’ll discover how to create abundance, calm, and confidence in your business. Create and refine your vision, priorities, and actions so that you’re attracting your ideal client at your ideal price point, and get rid of the things that aren’t serving you and focus on what brings you joy, love, and abundance.

How to Make $10k Every Time You Take a Stage
Erin Loman Jeck CEO- Executive Speaking Coach, Tedx Speaking Coach

Discover how to CONVERT MORE SALES FROM STAGE. In this high-impact program, you'll gain access to invaluable insights and strategies that will elevate your speaking game to a whole new level.

BONUS: Dive into our Step-by-Step Training, where you'll unearth the exact techniques I used to turn a mere 5-minute talk into a staggering $100,000 in earnings. Whether you're an aspiring speaker or a seasoned pro, this blueprint and training will empower you to command the stage, captivate your audience, and skyrocket your sales. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your speaking engagements into a revenue-generating powerhouse!

Energize Your Body, Energize Your Business
Blanche Boyce

Join our "Energize Your Body, Energize Your Business" Tai Chi/Qi Gong course for a week-long journey of rejuvenation and productivity enhancement:

  • Learn gentle, graceful movements that can be practiced in less than 12 minutes a day
  • Experience mental clarity and improved focus, enhancing memory and productivity
  • Cultivate confidence and positive emotions through calming the mind and nervous system
  • Increase flexibility, balance, and coordination to promote overall well-being

 Don't miss out on this transformative opportunity to revitalize your body, mind, and business. Immerse yourself in this harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern application to relax, refocus and re-energize.

Mindset Makeover: From Blocks to Breakthroughs
Zora Hanackova

“I am not good enough!”

“I can’t do it!”

“I don’t deserve any better!”


How often do negative thoughts stop you from going after your desires? These limiting beliefs can seriously sabotage your life and business. 


Let’s remove them from your subconscious mind for good!


Discover why repeating affirmation is not enough, reprogram 5 disrupting limiting beliefs and install powerful positive ones instead.


Inside this powerful practical training you will discover how to rewire your subconscious mind, get out of your own way, and finally let yourself be successful.

The Art of Filling Up Your Speaking Calendar
Jackie Lapin Founder of SpeakerTunity, The Speaker & Leader Resource Company and Expert at Helping Leaders Get Booked

Are you lost in the wilderness when it comes to knowing what to do and how to do it -- when it comes to booking yourself for a speaking gig? 


This online course, The Art of Filling Up Your Speaking Calendar, has come to your rescue! 


These six-modules will lead you step-by-step through the process of creating all the tools that will get you booked—including a Speaker One-Sheet, Your Speaker Reel, Your Speaker Proposal Letter and provide the strategies that will capture the attention, interest and commitment of the decision-makers! 


Get clarity and get booked!

Conquer Procrastination - Build Marketing Momentum
Kristin Maxwell

Discover how to eliminate marketing procrastination, so you can stop wasting time (and missing opportunities) and show up consistently and confidently to attract clients. In the Conquer Procrastination - Build Marketing Momentum workshop, you will:

  • Unlock your marketing potential, as you release hidden blocks that leave you stuck and procrastinating when it comes to marketing your business
  • Discover proven strategies to move through the (often confusing) resistance to becoming visible, making offers, and charging your worth
  • Stop wasting time, and tap into motivation and enthusiasm around marketing (rather than avoidance and dread!), so you can stop playing small and finally take consistent action to attract clients with confidence and authenticity
Six Figure Network
Virginia Muzquiz Referral Alchemist

Tune in to the Six Figure Network Online Course and discover:

  • How to get your network to “get” what you do
  • What your network MUST know in order to find you bonafide referrals to high quality prospects
  • Who should be in your referral network (and who should just be your friend!)
  • Where to network for the best results
  • Power networking “hacks” to help you leverage the time you spend networking
  • And more!


5 Keys to Unlock Your Personal FAT LOSS CODE
Andrea Blackwood-Harriott

This 5 Keys to Unlock Your Fat Loss Code Training will guide you how to eliminate guesswork and choose the weight loss program that is just right for you. 

Get access to the secrets to maintain motivation, and supercharge your performance so that you actually achieve your weight loss and health goals. 

When you discover these  5 Keys you will be able to break free from the vicious cycle of weight and health challenges, open the door to renewed vitality in a body that is lighter and healthier and activate a mindset ready to thrive in all aspects of your life

BEYOND THE SURFACE OF CONFIDENCE - Delving into the 10 dimensions of the confidence wheel
Tricia Conyers

Ignite your confidence in this training. Inside, you will unravel the complexity of confidence, extract your confidence patterns, tap into your strengths, and be guided through the dimensions of the exclusive Confidence Wheel model. 

You will discover:

  • Your confidence strengths
  • Your confidence bold goal
  • Actionable steps to continually cultivate the growth of your confidence.

Unleash your unique confidence and step towards the best version of yourself! ✨🌟

Manifesting Miracles
Aparna Raghavan

Imagine turning your dreams into reality by effortlessly tuning your life's frequency – just like auto-tuning your pitch – without any special skills.


Now, you can unlock your inner power to seamlessly attract health, abundance, and happiness!


In this powerful 'Manifesting Miracles' training, you'll discover the art of auto-tuning your subconscious and aligning your energy with your deepest desires. No special skills required! 


Embrace the simplicity and joy of rewriting your story at will and with ease.


Get ready to uncover the secrets to manifesting the beautiful melody of your dreams! 🎶💖

Everything Is an Adventure!
Joy Johnston

Transform the mundane into the magical by infusing daily tasks with whimsy and a sense of play. This interactive training is custom-designed for frazzled parents and working folk who are stretched to their limit and want to streamline their routine as well as make it more pleasurable for the whole family.

Courage, Risks and Rewards
Martie Weatherly

This video training will help you discover a proven process to access your courage, take healthy chances, and reap exciting rewards, so you can stop feeling stuck, defeated, and frustrated. 

In less than an hour, you will be more willing to take chances and know how to take safe risks that help you reach your potential. You will learn how to get past failures and why doing nothing is not neutral or safe but rather has a negative impact on you.

Teach Your Teen to Drive - 3 Life-Saving Tips NOT Taught in Driving School
Diana Woodward

Unlock the secrets of safe driving with our video and companion workbook, "Teach your Teen to Drive." Uncover three vital, life-saving insights often neglected by conventional driving schools. Empower yourself with knowledge to become the driving force in ensuring your family's safety on the roads. This comprehensive guide goes beyond the basics, providing essential tips that can make a significant difference. Elevate your teen's driving experience, instilling confidence and responsibility. Join us in shaping not just drivers but responsible road guardians, ensuring a safer journey for your loved ones.