Business Pivot and Up-Level Giveaway!
Business Pivot and Up-Level Giveaway!
Created 1 month 2 weeks ago
Organizer Latara Dragoo
Business Pivot and Up-Level Giveaway!
Timezone: Central Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Tue, Dec 5, 2023 12:00 PM (2 months 1 week from now)

Open: Accepting Contribution Applications Until Tuesday, 5 December, 12:00 PM

The Business Pivot and Up-Level Giveaway is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to transform and grow their ventures. This giveaway event brings together a collection of valuable resources, tools, and expert guidance to help participants successfully pivot their business strategies and take them to the next level.

Participants can expect to gain access to an array of prizes, including exclusive coaching sessions with industry experts, online courses focused on business transformation and up-leveling, valuable software and tech tools, insightful e-books, and much more.

From marketing and branding strategies to financial planning and organizational development, this giveaway aims to provide participants with all the necessary ingredients for a successful business pivot. Whether one is considering a shift in target market, product offering, or overall business model, this event offers the resources needed to make informed decisions and navigate any challenges that may arise.

By participating in this giveaway, entrepreneurs will have the chance to connect with a vibrant and supportive community of like-minded individuals who are also on a path of business growth and transformation. This networking opportunity allows participants to exchange ideas, experiences, and valuable insights, creating a space for collaboration and continued learning.

Don't miss the chance to win these invaluable resources and guidance that can take your business to new heights. Join the Business Pivot and Up-Level Giveaway today and unlock the tools and knowledge needed to make your business thrive in the ever-evolving market landscape.

"My Fabuolous First Book"
Andrea Susan Glass CEO WritersWay

Have you been stuck starting or finishing your first nonfiction book? Would you like an easy-to-follow guide to help you overcome any fears or obstacles and navigate a path to writing and publishing a fabulous first book? My Fabulous First Book is a first-time nonfiction author's guide to writing the best book for themselves and their readers. With fill-in-the-blank pages, aspiring authors can get clarity about their book and their audience, will build their confidence, and learn to make connections to their reader. This workbook should be EVERY AUTHOR'S guidebook to writing their fabulous first book!

The Ultimate Starter Kit to Prioritizing Yourself
Elisa Boogaerts Confidence Coach

Ready to make yourself a priority and transform your life? This mini-course is your ultimate resource to jumpstart your journey of prioritizing yourself. Packed with practical tips, powerful insights, and actionable steps, it will empower you to break free from guilt, establish boundaries, and build self-awareness as an essential part of your daily routine. Get ready to unleash your inner prioritizer and reclaim your energy, time and freedom.


  • Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of prioritizing yourself
  • Identify your values, priorities and what's important to you right now
  • Learn to overcome guilt and how to say no effectively
  • Explore a wide range of ways to nurture your self-worth and prioritize activities that bring you energy and rejuvenation
  • Kickstart your journey toward a balanced, fulfilling, and empowered life
The Self-Empowerment Worksheet
Katie Miller Transformational Coach | Senior Mentor

This self-empowerment worksheet guides you through:

  • Identifying dreams and goals
  • Noticing limiting beliefs that may be holding them back
  • Making empowering decisions to overcome those limits
  • Citing specific evidence and examples to support their new empowering beliefs.

This worksheet enables introspection to recognize limiting patterns holding you back, followed by intentional empowering beliefs backed by evidence. It can help you overcome self-doubt and build confidence to take steps to fulfill your dreams and goals. 

Useful for coaches, mentors, counselors, authors, and individuals working on personal growth.

Freebies from the Author = Authority Summit Speakers
Latara Dragoo

If you are a coach, business owner, or service provider, becoming a published author increases your authority, credibility, and visibility. It opens doors to speaking engagements, and attracts your ideal clients to you. 
If you are considering becoming an author, go here to get free resources provided by my guest speakers at the Author = Authority Summit I ran earlier this year.

Build your Personal Referral Network
Michael Whitehouse The Guy Who Knows a Guy

Your Personal Referral Network is the fuel in the engine of your network.


This simple mini-course is delivered by email. In just minutes a day, you will learn the tactic and have an exercise so that by the end of five days, you will be on your way to building a robust Personal Referral Network!

The Best Anger Elimination Method You Can Find
Mort Orman, M.D. CEO of Live, Love and Work Stress Free

My downloadable guide on how to better understand anger and how damaging it can be in our lives. Learn about a powerful new approach for eliminating anger--not managing it--so you can be happier, healthier and don't end up divorced.

Fearless Sketchnoting Masterclass
Tim Hamons Visual Strategist, Storyteller, Speaker

You will receive a seat to join us in our upcoming Fearless sketchnoting masterclass on one of the following dates: the next masterclass is Sept 27th, 6-8 am EST (we will also have later dates and will work towards a friendly time conversion 

90-Day Power Planner
Val Low Visual Business Map Creator

With the 90-Day Power Planner, you'll find motivation and a sense of accomplishment as you reach milestones and conquer tasks, making progress towards your ultimate goals. Say goodbye to the endless cycle of overwhelm, and step into a world of purposeful productivity.