Trailblazers Summit! Strategies to Spark ideas and Rocket your results!
Trailblazers Summit! Strategies to Spark ideas and Rocket your results!
Created 2 years 11 months ago
Organizer Diane Rolston
Trailblazers Summit! Strategies to Spark ideas and Rocket your results!
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At this summit, you’ll learn from Top Female Leaders how they blazed a trail in their industry & life and how you can, too! Their stories will spark ideas for your life and your business and you’ll be motivated to implement them with clear strategies. Bring your best questions and you’ll be able to ask them about the secrets to their success. There will also be lots of opportunities to spend time connecting with other trailblazers!
Join this Trail Blazers Virtual Summit for these benefits (and more):
  • Hear from successful women, so you can be inspired to go after your goal!
  • Learn techniques, so you will know how to blaze your own trail!
  • Connect with other women, so you build your network which supports your future!
​AND make sure you get the Experience Box or Experience Package ticket so you receive a box in the mail of over $150 in products from female business owners and a course with interviews explaining how to use the items to increase your confidence!
This is an exclusive event by Diane Rolston & Dynamic Women®.
The Agenda includes:
1 x Panel
2 x Networking sessions
3 x Interviews
4 x Q & As with 8 Trail Blazers

Go to for your free ticket or to get $50 off the Experience box (Valued at $150)

“Be a Trailblazer: The 3 Massive Mistakes female leaders make that cost them balance, opportunities, and profit!”
Diane Rolston Business Leader Coach, Speaker & CEO & Founder
They’re leading the way. They’re blazing a trail. They’re experts in their field who are making a difference. But if they are so good, why do trailblazers suffer? Because they are making 3 mistakes without realizing it.

In this presentation, Award Winning Coach and Business Owner, Diane Rolston will take you on a journey of stories and strategies to not only Be a Trailblazer but avoid the pitfalls they often fall into.

At the end of this presentation, you'll know:
• The 5 reasons you should be a trailblazer, so you’ll know if it’s a good fit for you!
• The 3 massive mistakes holding you back, so you can stop making them!
• The opportunities available to trailblazers and how to capitalize on them!

Business Education +1
Education Business +7
How to be a Trailblazer and Travel the World
Evi Siskos TV Host
Have you ever wanted to take your business on the road so you can travel? But not sure how to do it successfully? Then this interview is for you!

Evi Siskos, is a fascinating Mom, NY Emmy Nominated TV Host on Telemundo/NBC, actress influencer and voiceover model. She went from being a Television Host on a National channel to having her own travel show. She is a part of "The Travel is Epic Family". Her family sold their house and belongings in exchange for a trip of a lifetime and are now traveling the world. She now has 2.2 million Facebook followers and 110k followers on Instagram. 

At the end of this presentation you'll know:
  1. How to use social media as the tool to travel, and how you can take advantage of it too. 
  2. How to balance traveling, motherhood and working
  3. The behind the scenes strategies to put this dream into reality.
Travel & Adventure
Social Media
3 Trailblazing Strategies to Rock Your Marketing Your Way
Kat Sturtz The Purgatory Relief Coach for People Who Think Marketing Is Hell / Business Life Mentor
Marketing. Whether you love it or hate it, marketing plays a key role in rocking your path to success. Without it, too few know you exist. But, with the right strategies, you can blaze a sizzling path of admirers who are eager to buy your products and services.

Discover the 3 key strategies to marketing yourself and your business with ease and confidence.

At the end of this presentation you'll know:

1. Why doing things differently can be your fastest...and most comfortable...route to success.

2. The key marketing shifts you need to make now to move you past stumped, stuck, or stalled.

3. How to choose the best and easiest marketing tactics for you to employ that can also save you time, money, and resources.

Business Leadership +2
Blaze Your Way to More Income, Impact and Influence with Podcasting
Michelle Abraham International Speaker, Podcast Producer and Host
In a world where time and attention are our biggest assets and most valuable commodities, we need to figure out where to spend our marketing time to get the best ROI back into our business. Podcast listeners listen to an average of 20 mins per episode that is nearly 10x more time and attention than you would get on any other social media platform including YouTube. By being a host of a Podcast you are seen as an expert, an authority and you are building an audience of loyal listeners. If you plan things correctly, get support and have accountability, then you have the perfect recipe for more Influence, Income and Impact in your business. 
At the end of this presentation you'll know:
  1. The 4 things podcasting can do for you!
  2. The 4 things that hold even successful entrepreneurs back from launching.
  3. The 4 things What YOU NEED to have a successful Podcast.

Business Leadership +5
Business Lead Generation +13
How To Dress Like A Trailblazer
Scarlett De Bease Image Consultant
Clothes The Deal
Either in-person or remotely via Zoom, you are your business. You are the person people are hiring. You are your brand. 
Of course your personal image and self-confidence matter!  Find out how to step up your brand image and represent your business so you are seen as the go-to person to hire. 
Wardrobe Stylist and published author, Scarlett De Bease, will share her tips on what to wear and buy, along with her easy-to-follow solutions to the very common problems women have when choosing what to wear. She specializes in working with entrepreneurial women who want to be sure to make that all-important first impression, a great one. 
Many women are selling themselves short in their business because they are afraid of being seen. There is no such thing as a perfect body or look, and we just frustrate ourselves trying to look like someone we aren’t. Scarlett will help you finally stop stressing about dressing.

At the end of this presentation you'll know:
  1. How to make a great first and lasting impression in-person or virtually.
  2. How to feel confident in choosing what to buy and wear.
  3. The solutions to your problems in choosing what to wear, so you can be your best!

Education Mindset +1
Business Client Attraction +6