Employee to Entrepreneur Summit
Employee to Entrepreneur Summit
Created 1 year 2 months ago
Organizer Tami Jaffe
Employee to Entrepreneur Summit
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Registration ends: Sat, Jan 14, 2023 10:00 PM (1 year 1 month ago)


Are you ready to share your message and inspire others who are starting and growing their businesses?

We are holding auditions for great speakers with a clear message to speak at the Employee to Entrepreneur Summit.

If you have a heart to serve, a heart to give and a passion for helping people live life on their terms, then this is the event for you!

We are looking for a variety of topics that will help entrepreneurs as they transition from the job and into their businesses. We will have a business strategy track and a wellness track so we cover all aspects from what they need to be doing day to day to developing their mindset for success. 

You will record your talk prior to the event so no need to have the dates of the retreat available. 

Speaker information calls are beings held weekly to share all the details and information needed. 

You can find more information and apply to speak here www.SpeakAtEmployeeToEntrepreneurSummit.com.

There are 2 options for speaker for a 20-minute or 45-minute keynote. 

This is a pay to speak event as we will be editing all videos and promoting all speakers. To view and decide which option works best for you go here http://EmployeeToEntrepreneurSpeaker.com.


Simple Secrets to Gain and Retain Your Team Members
Aaron Antillon DISC Master Trainer

Are you tired of spending your time and resources on gaining top talent, equipping them with next level skills, and seeing them take what you have equipped them with to your competitor?
In this presentation, the audience will learn a simple and proven system that they can immediately implement to not only gain top talent, but retain top talent without breaking the bank.

Business Leadership
Personal Development Personal Growth +19
Free to Be Me! Re-Awakening to your Soul's Purpose
Celia Barsby Creative Visionary for Women

Discover what lights you up and see what is possible for you.

You will receive your Soul Resources on your journey.  Your Soul Structures will be revealed to you in powerful and fun, creative ways through various transformational tools, enabling you to reclaim your soul’s purpose so you can flourish and grow.

Come weave with Celia at your Soul’s Garden Party.  Step through the rickety gate of your Creative Heart Space and open your pathways into your Soul’s Magical Garden.

Education Health & Well-being +1
Spiritual Growth Abundance +3
Live and Leave a Lasting Legacy: The 5 Step Launch to legacy Blueprint
Cynthia Gallardo Esquire, JD, MBA

Viewers will learn the 5 Step Launch to Legacy Blueprint to overcome fear, overwhelm, and previous failures to live life to the fullest and leave a lasting legacy. Entrepreneurs struggling with transforming a business idea at any stage in their business lifecycle to a vision to a reality to a profitable business will be inspired and empowered to discover their unique business DNA to launch, build, and protect their legacy. 

Business Law / Legal
Mindset Entrepreneurship +1
From Tame to Trailblazer - 3 steps to becoming unstuck and achieving powerful outcomes for your business
Laura Serrant OBE Professor

Have you got so far in your business or career and can't seem to get any further? 

Do you find yourself looking at others and thinking they are more talented, lucky or ‘business savvy’ than you are? 

Do you find yourself playing it ‘safe’ and not taking the chances you used to?

It happens to many entrepreneurs and Trailblazers at times in their career  journey…they start playing Tame - and nothing seems to work or go they way they planned.


I  this talk I will share 3 key steps to getting ‘unstuck’ ditching any signs of imposter syndrome so you can deliver fabulous trailblazing outcomes for yourself and your business! 

Health & Well-being Leadership +1
Resilience Getting Unstuck +3