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The Strategic Alliance Virtual Summit is supporting Tom Matzen's Strategic Alliance Summit Event.

As a participant at Tom's event, we're inviting you to participate in our pre-recorded Virtual Summit!

Share your genius, your expertise, with the audience.

Use this as an opportunity to share more with your fellow attendees and also their contacts.


We ask you to send 1-2 emails to your mailing list, and share on your social media (your group, your personal, and/or page profile). We will share swipe copy that you can use for your emails and social media.

You must submit a video presentation. Please make sure it's a decent quality video that shows you in a good light. Ideally, be on camera throughout as you want to build your personal authority visually as well.

We recommend you teach a gold nugget, something that your audience can take away and implement in their business right away. Also, invite the attendee to connect with you. Share a good download (make sure you follow Kimberly Weitkamp's recommendations!), and follow up with them (Virginia Muzquiz is the expert on this).

Your video can be ANY length, up to a maximum of around 30 minutes. You should be concise and get your message out quickly, together with your call to action.

Do you have a special offer? Include it and we'll publish a link to it as well. You can also include a link to your calendar so your audience can set up a strategy or discovery session with you.

Note - by registering and submitting your application for the summit you will be added to the EventRaptor mailing list, and you will receive promotional messages for virtual summits and other services we provide, including free networking, masterclasses, and more.

Allison Ross


Ashleigh Sinclaire tbd


Carina Reeves Founder

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Cecil McIntosh COMING Later

Are you looking to stop your mental chatter making you poor?

My Name is Cecil McIntosh, Relaxation Expert and Barbadian spiritual teacher of non duality and author, immigrated to Canada form Barbados age 20,where I raised by my grandma and the village.

I was successful in selling hustling day and night to out perform my peers and subsequently lost everything with divorce and bankruptcy in the same week.

This set me on a path to see life through new eyes.

One day I heard a voice telling me to open my home every Monday evening and teach what I’d learnt.

I did and these teachings over 3 decades has morphed into a four-stage journey, the freedom Entrepreneur Effect for helping you dissolve the desires of the persona you inhabit, so you’re free at last.

Chris Hanlon Compelling Communicator Coach

Learn how to use a Signature Talk to build your profile and authority, sell books and deepen your relationship with your readers. In this talk, Chris uses his experience coaching more than 50 Authors, Business Owners, Scientists and Activists with their TEDx talks over the past decade. All to give you a better understanding of the possibilities and steps to take to get the same result.

Business Education +2
How to Achieve Expert Status with some help from AI
Colin Brown CTO

We’ll show you a framework and a path to help you sprint to expert status in any field of your choosing in 90 days or less. 

Get Your Sheet Together
Daniel S Rubenstein Managing Partner

Bigger and better databases create bigger and better results … at least in theory.  That's the Database Dream In Action.

And while that's great in concept, there's several issues to consider: Data, Tools & Plans. Without Data it's a Nightmare.

Donna Meyer Business Growth Strategist


Earlene Coats Tech Savvy Intuitive Business Coach


Frank Piuck TBD


Godwin Mordi TBD


Kickstart your Resilience Revolution
Helena Demuynck Transformation Guide

You're invited to an empowering talk on cultivating resilience from within. As your guide, I've seen firsthand how small shifts can significantly boost well-being and life satisfaction.

For just 30 minutes, learn simple yet powerful techniques champions of change utilize daily to handle anything that comes their way. Explore reframing challenges as stepping stones and unlocking your untapped inner wisdom.

Rediscover your innate ability to not just withstand disruptions but strengthen your capacity for growth. Walk away feeling genuinely optimistic about navigating whatever may come.

Most importantly, gain lifelong skills for maintaining perspective through ups and downs. Leave feeling inspired by success stories and ready to kickstart your personal revolution.

Join me for this impactful session on unleashing your untapped strength and extraordinary potential. Together we'll unwrap small changes leading to meaningful results. 

I hope to see you there as we explore your power to not just cope but thrive from a place of empowerment. Your journey towards lasting growth awaits - register today!

Business Health & Well-being +1
Mindset Stress Management +6
Health and wellness
James Jones CEO

Hello, I'm James Jones, the founder of Jones International. We're in the business of life enrichment, partnering with entrepreneurs, CEOs, non-profit organizations, and affiliates across 17 countries to elevate health and wellness. Our mission is simple but profound: 'Enriching the lives of individuals we encounter by assisting them in fulfilling their aspirations.' Whether you're looking to improve your own life, lead your organization to greater well-being, or find a meaningful partnership, we're here to make that journey with you. How can we enrich your life today?

An Easier Way to Grow Your Coaching Business...While Simplifying Your Life
Jeannette Koczela Business Coach

In this presentation learn: 

1) How to win clients much easier using brain triggers

2) How to uncover the deepest desires your buyers have, often beyond what they're willing to share with others

3) How to then easily nudge them beyond their comfort zone enough that they don't ever want you to go away

Sales is Not Four-Letter Word
Jennie Bellinger Sales is Not a Four-Letter Word

Why does sales feel like a four-letter word to many people?

What can an entrepreneur do to shift their feelings about sales from “sleazy” to easy?

The Power of Authenticity: Why Your Photography Should Reflect You and Your Brand's Identity
Joanne Moorhouse Remote Photographer

In a world inundated with visual content, authenticity stands out as a beacon of trust and connection. Join Joanne for an interesting discussion on "The Power of Authenticity: Why Your Photography Should Reflect You and Your Brand's Identity." In this engaging presentation, Joanne will explore the pivotal role that authentic photography plays in shaping perceptions, building relationships, and ultimately driving success for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Delving into the heart of branding, Joanne will unravel the profound impact that genuine imagery has on conveying your brand's identity and values. From personal branding to corporate image, she'll uncover how authentic photography can serve as a powerful tool for storytelling, evoking emotion, and fostering meaningful connections with your audience.

Drawing upon real-world examples, Joanne will showcase the transformative effects of embracing authenticity in visual content creation. You'll gain actionable insights and practical strategies for aligning your photography with your brand's unique identity, amplifying your message, and standing out in a crowded marketplace.

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned 6-7 or 8 figure business owner, this presentation promises to inspire you to harness the power of authenticity in your photography, leaving a lasting impression and driving impactful results for you and your brand. Join Joanne as she embarks on a journey to unlock the true potential of your visual storytelling and shares a glimpse on how she did just that in her own two year photographic book project during the pandemic.

Business Marketing +1
Advertising Client Attraction +6
Move From an Idea in your Head to a Book in Your Hand (provisional)
Kevin Coleman Publisher

Kevin Coleman is an experienced publisher of both non-fiction and fiction books.

In his long career as an executive and consultant, Kevin has lived in Brussels, Kobe, Cincinnati, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Manila, and Mumbai. A student of world religions, he brings a cosmopolitan air to his books.

Kevin now lives with Sue, his wife of fifty years, on the north shore of Lake Ontario.Kevin and Sue have two adult children and two nearly adult grandchildren. Also part of the family are their two granddogs.

In addition to being a publisher and author, Kevin is an enthusiastic kite-maker and sailor

Kimberly Weitkamp Email Marketer

To be updated

Hey Realestate Passionista Become Unstuckable and Prosperous
Linda von Wowern Real Estate Passionista

Have you ever signed up for a course and then not done what yhou know you could?

Do you ever feel you are meant for more? 

Im sharing tools and systems to get free of procrastination and any self limiting beliefs once and for all. 


Secrets of the Reinvention Mindset for High Achievers - Three Keys to Finding Success in your Soul
Lori McDowell Author, Speaker, Coach, CEO

Lori shares her story, including how she was able to reinvent herself after a horrendous firing, by tapping into her belief that we can’t control what happens to us but we have a choice in what we do with it. She believes that we are all exactly where we are meant to be and fulfillment and joy is our birthright. Leaning into that idea is a recipe for success. Facing her fears allowed her live the life she was destined to live and she can show you how to do the same.

This presentation, Lori help high achievers and busy professionals clarify their purpose and live a life resonating with fulfillment and joy, she helps you stop feeling overworked and underappreciated. Lori helps them go from feeling frustrated, trapped and wondering “is this all there is?” to being empowered, confident and excited about the possibilities. 

Her program is based on three key steps (she is an engineer, so loves equations) - Discover (D) x Conquer (C) x Breaktrhough (B) = Abundant Life.  Lori inspires you to go from success on paper to finding success in your soul.

Education Health & Well-being +2
Intuition Mindset +15
How to Create Authentic Strategic Connections to Grow your Income
Lorna M Sherland The Connection Queen

Connections To Cash

Maria Antonietta Deliberador Transformation and Longevity Strategist


Marjorie Gutierrez TBC


Rewire your subconscious mind, release scarcity, and attract financial prosperity
Miriam Angulo Business & Life Mastery Consultant

Learn how to remove unconscious abundance blocks once and for all by rewiring your subconscious mind, releasing scarcity, and attracting financial prosperity in only a few minutes a day. 

You will discover: 

  • With the powerful help of affirmations, you’ll release the real culprits of your current financial situation: scarcity mindset, limiting beliefs, and negative programming about money…
  • You’ll be able to choose from 50 powerful affirmations to rewire your limiting beliefs, plus 3 techniques to use them to supercharge your manifestation practice.
  • After you incorporate a regular affirmations practice into your life, you’ll soon notice how your mindset starts to shift and how your limiting beliefs no longer hold such a tight grip on you…

Attract Abundance Now.

Business Education +4
Mindset Prosperity +11
The Future of Growing Your Coaching Business: The New and Improved Way to Add 250,000 USD to Your Business Using AI
Mona Tenjo CEO Work On Your Business

Did you know that coaching is the second-fastest growing industry in the world? However, facts show that the average coach in the US earns less than $50,000 per year. In this presentation, we'll look into:

  1. The No. 1 tool to free yourself from the daily hamster wheel
  2. The key secret to making more money with what you already have
  3. How to avoid the top 3 mistakes that coaches often make in growing their business

If you are ready to earn your worth and turn your passion into a six-figure business or beyond, join us!

Productivity Business Growth +1
Monick P Halm Founder, Real Estate Investor Goddesses

Women professionals and entrepreneurs hire Monick Halm to secure their financial futures, build wealth in real estate, and enjoy life more, because they’re sick and tired of feeling burnout from chasing financial growth, navigating a male-dominated industry, and not knowing who to trust. So she helps them create passive income streams and time freedom in a divinely feminine way. Bottom line, Monick helps them experience more joy and pleasure, increase their net worth by at least One Million Dollars, and generate One Hundred Thousand in real estate revenue within 2 years or less, guaranteed.

3 Keys to Empowered Parenting
Nathan Johnston, EdD The Learning Story Coach

Who we are and where we come from has been eclipsed by the demands of survival in the post-pandemic era. Families have experienced radical changes in what they imagine is possible based on their past experiences, and what they want to be “the new normal.”

The death of Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old transgender Choctaw person, and Crosslin Smith, a 94-year-old  teacher of the “old ways” on Cherokee Reservation land in February 2024 marked the beginning of a new need and sense of urgency for Cherokee Gadugi Stories that notice, recognize, and respond to the unique spiritual and cultural identity of those among us, young and old, whose actions are a testament to the noble verbs and virtues of our ancestors. 

Gadugi means “working together until the work is done” in the Tsalagi language. It is a recognition that none of us goes very far or anywhere in fact, on our own. Gadugi Stories are a way to bring the generations together, and recognize the wisdom that is being passed on from one generation to the next, whatever form that may take. 

This brief presentation introduces Cherokee Gadugi Stories as a modality for promoting dialogue between generations, and standing for the authentic identity of each and every human being. In a period of changing social norms, Gadugi Stories present an opportunity to respect and honor our diverse human experiences as we move forward together. 

Education Family & Parenting
Authenticity Parenting in todays world +5
Nicole Wright TBD


Postive Words of Influence: The art of winning at self-talk & conscious communications
Patty Blakesley Founder and CEO

Coach Patty knows what we say matters. Win at influencing yourself and creating the change you desire in your life or business. Our choice is to be conscious or not, to get out of our way or remain stuck. Speak your way to success.

Raksha Joshi TBD


Love Allways
Rev Michael Long Reverend (of Light, Love & Logic)

Love, Consciousness & Empowering everyone to remember their Sat Nam

Conversion Enhancers that have strong effects on first impressions, and increase impact and revenue. 🚀
Rune Ellingsen CEO of a conversion focused agency 🚀

Conversions are needed for any business to live, but how fast can we convert a prospect? Join us for a demo of how entrepreneurs can optimize their websites for high-impact numbers right out of the gate. 

Business Design +5
Marketing Persuasive +17
Trust Your Gut: The Gut-Brain Connection for Optimal Health
Sara Barthel Functional Medicine Nutritionist

In this enlightening talk, we'll explore the intricate link between your gut and brain, revealing how addressing gut health is foundational to mental well-being and balanced hormones. Learn how to nurture your gut through nutrition and lifestyle interventions for improved mental clarity, emotional resilience and physical vitality.

Education Health & Well-being
Health Anti-inflammatory Living +18
Stuart Elliott


Sue Coleman tbd

to be determined

Susan Janzen Life Coach and Podcast Host


The L.O.V.E. Method to Conversations That Matter
Tammy Atchley Family Empowerment Coach

The L.O.V.E. Method encapsulates four key principles: Listen, Open-ended questions, Validate, and Empower/Encourage.

During her talk, Tammy will guide parents through each component of the LOVE Method, providing practical insights and strategies to implement these principles in their interactions with their bullied child. She emphasizes the significance of active listening, encouraging parents to create a safe space where their child feels heard and understood. By truly listening to their child's experiences and emotions, parents can establish trust and strengthen their relationship.

Tammy will also highlight the importance of asking open-ended questions, fostering a meaningful dialogue that encourages children to express themselves fully. Through open-ended questions, parents can gain deeper insights into their child's thoughts and feelings, facilitating constructive communication.

Furthermore, Tammy will discuss the power of validation, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and empathizing with their child's emotions. By validating their feelings, parents demonstrate empathy and support, laying the foundation for resilience and emotional well-being.

Finally, Tammy will explore the crucial role of empowerment and encouragement in building confidence and self-esteem. By empowering their child to stand up for themselves, parents equip them with essential skills to navigate challenging situations like bullying with resilience and assertiveness.

Don't miss this insightful talk where Tammy will empower parents with practical strategies to implement the LOVE Method and foster strong, supportive relationships with their bullied child.

Family & Parenting Health & Well-being
Communication Bullying +2
The #1 LIE that's better than any truth in your business!
Tif Loeffler Positively Yours!

Wait- what? Did she just say a LIE is better than the truth? You'll have to see what lies beneath this audacious statement!

Trainer Jane Warr Founder & CEO, Selling on the Spot

Jane Warr, also known as "Trainer Jane" is an award winning Communications & Sales Trainer, Collaboration Expert, 5X international best selling Author and International Stage Speaker.

She is the Founder & CEO of Selling on the Spot Inc., an events based global business training company. Selling on the Spot is most known for their fun and profitable Selling on the Spot Marketplace events, held Online and In Person. They provide a powerful platform for any entrepreneur or business owner, to market and sell their products and services, focusing on selling ethically, efficiently and effectively.

Jane has grown the Selling on the Spot brand for over 8 years, serving people from over 40 countries.

Passionate about training entrepreneurs and business owners to successfully grow their businesses and thrive despite any challenges, Jane leads by example and continuously innovates. Divisions under the Selling on the Spot brand include the Master Class, Marketing, Mastery, Media Training, the Academy, Systems, Money, Mindset, Resources and Mastermind. Further, they proudly serves through a robust Membership model, Affiliate program and their Chrome Extension, the Global Nexus.

Her mission is to help millions of entrepreneurs and business owners around the world to embrace the sales process, making sales fun and easy. She does this through the Selling on the Spot Licensing and Facilitating model, accepting applications for Online and In-Person events globally. The programs grow your client base, income and impact, guaranteed.

Jane is also a real estate investor, and proud mom.

Trent True CEO - Apex Compass Solutions


How to Build a Network That Works
Virginia Muzquiz The Referral Diva

Most of the business owners in your network are running unconscious referral algorithms. They don’t really think about you until someone asks for a recommendation, and then they drop your name. If you are lucky, you’ve met a couple of referral archeologists who are willing to DIG in their network to see what opportunities they can find hidden in their “Rolodex.” And then, there are the elusive referral alchemists who can seemingly make referrals appear out of thin air! Jim Rohn said we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with… so if you want to hang out with the alchemists, you need to learn to BE an alchemist… and that is what Connections to Cashflow is all about!

Holistic Weight Loss Program
Zaahir Hendricks Dr. Z

In this presentation we will: 

Forget the one-size-fits-all approach; this course is tailored for real people seeking sustainable strategies. You’ll learn how to tune into your body's needs, develop healthier eating habits, and craft a daily routine that promotes weight loss without sacrificing joy or flavor. Plus, with practical tips for navigating social gatherings and emotional eating, you’ll be ready to handle the curveballs life throws at you. Get ready to transform your relationship with food and your body, finding balance and renewed confidence as you apply your newfound knowledge to everyday life.

Please note: If you have trouble accessing this course, send us a to be manually enrolled.

Health & Well-being Healthcare
Healing Healing From Within