Seasonal Serenity: A FREE Virtual Retreat
Seasonal Serenity: A FREE Virtual Retreat
Created 2 months 3 weeks ago
Organizer Marilyn McLeod
Seasonal Serenity: A FREE Virtual Retreat
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Timezone: Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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We are excited to invite you to an event that promises to ignite transformation- Seasonal Serenity: A FREE Virtual Retreat.

In a world often characterized by relentless hustle and bustle, it's imperative to carve out moments of tranquility and reflection. Just as the four seasons unfold, each bearing its own unique beauty and lessons, our virtual retreat offers a sanctuary for participants and speakers alike to pause, breathe, and reconnect with the essence of serenity

Seasonal Serenity beckons attendees to embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal, regardless of where each may be on life's ever-turning wheel. 

Host: Janice Steinbach, The Wise Growth Coach

Event Duration: The duration of this event will be a total of 4 hours and 3 hours will be dedicated to presenters.

We are hoping to have a total of 6 presenters for this event:

  • Each presenter will have approximately 30 minutes to deliver their session.
  • Presentations can cover a range of topics related to mindfulness, wellness, personal growth, seasonal transitions, and integrating serenity into daily life.
  • Sessions may include lectures, guided meditations, interactive exercises, or discussions.
  • Presenters are encouraged to engage participants and offer practical tools and insights for cultivating serenity throughout the seasons.

As a valued presenter, your insights and expertise are invaluable in shaping this transformative experience. We invite you to share your wisdom, guidance, and inspiration with our community, as together, we explore ways to infuse serenity into our lives with intention and purpose.

Bonus: Furthermore, Seasonal Serenity is not merely a fleeting experience. Beyond our virtual gathering, you have the opportunity to contribute to the online resource library to sustain participants on the season's three-month journey. In addition to your presentation, presenters are encouraged to provide a free gift for all participants and a special offer for VIP participants who will pay $47 to receive access to the online resource library that will contain a recording of the event. 

Join us as we embark on a profound voyage of self-discovery, growth, and serenity. Your presence as a presenter will enrich our retreat, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of our participants.

Strong Body, Strong Spirit
Ana Nieto Body, mind and spiritual mentor

The stronger we connect with our physical body, the stronger we connect with our spirit and the voice of our soul.

Einstein said that the most effective people connect first with their soul.
How you can find guidance and deep connection with your soul so that you can be more effective in your personal and professional life as well as all other areas of your life?

I believe that we humans are very interesting and complicated beings and in order to be at our best, we need to take care of 3 different aspects:
1. our body
2. our mind
3. the energy that surrounds us.

When this 3 areas are in harmony is when we are at our highest best selves. Our personal, professional and really the rest of our life is just an extension of ourselves so we will be harmonizing not just us but all different areas of our lives as well.
Learning Objectives/Key Takeaways (3 bullets) 

- Experience the freedom of feeling confident, powerful and sexy by learning mindful, safe, efficient and effective, movement.
- Practice techniques and tools to re-program their mind.
- Interact with other attendees and share energetic practice to feel their unshackable presence, peace and inner power.

Using Sound Vibrations to Calm, Center, Soothe & Uplift
Diann Alexander Mindful Moments Crystal Singing Bowls

Today's Mindful Moment explores the transformative effects of sound vibration to calm, center, and soothe the soul.  In these expanded states open us to tranquility, and open our inner explorative creative spaces. Bring your headphones for the best experience!

Education Therapy
Meditation Energy Healing +1
Release Tension and Unlock Goal Achievement
Janice Steinbach The Wise Growth Coach

This easy to learn and simple to implement tool is a great addition to any personal well-being tool-kit.

Spring Into Transformation: Exploring Human Design Energy Types and Emotions
Janna Dewar Wellness Guide

Join me on an enlightening presentation as we explore the transformative power of Human Design energy types amidst the vibrant energy of spring. Discover how understanding your unique energy type can catalyze growth and renewal in your life. Delve into the emotional themes of each energy type, uncovering insights that will empower you to navigate your landscape with grace and resilience. Just as spring breathes new life into the world, embrace this opportunity to cultivate personal growth and embrace the full spectrum of your authentic self.

Health & Well-being
Human Design
3 steps to become the new YOU: rooted, wise, & true
Katja Lany Joie de Vivre Energy Healer

Instead of waiting for external rescue or approval, we actively choose to be responsible for our becoming. We learn to breathe with intention to feel internal safety & groundedness. We attune within and use our internal compass - the body has wisdom to share & allows us to be in our embodied power. We show up in our full humanness with integrity.