Health Wealth Wisdom, Parents Edition - LIVE Super Summit
Health Wealth Wisdom, Parents Edition - LIVE Super Summit
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Organizer Dr. L The Parent Whisperer
Health Wealth Wisdom, Parents Edition - LIVE Super Summit
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Nutrition Empowerment for Moms: Bridging the Gap between Body and Mind for Women's Mental Wellness
Alayna McNeal Online Nutrition and Transformation Coac
  • The most surprising thing that came out of my own health journey
  • The scientific connection between common women's health struggles (gut dysfunction, imbalanced hormones, autoimmune disease) and anxiety/depression
  • Practical solutions (with the overwhelmed mom in mind) to overcome these challenges and heal your physical body so you can swap stress/anxiety for confidence and contentment
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Health & Nutrition
Amanda Cesare Health Science & Nutritionist
  • Meal prepping
  • food
  • education
  • menu planning
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Emotional Wellness
Amritha Kailas Emotional wellness Coach
  • Emotional pain and  health 
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Emotional wellness
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3 Secrets to Navigating the Caregiving Journey with Calm and Assurance
Amy D. Spring Caregiving Expert; Founder
  • Importance of Planning a Support System and Communication Tools
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Breaking Barriers: A Mom's Guide to Conquering Stock Market Fears and Finding Success
Andy Gupta Stock Market Investment Coach for Women
  • If you're afraid of investing, you're not alone  (I've spoken with 1500 women)
  • Learn how to start a diversified investment portfolio.
  • See how to avoid get-rich-quick traps.
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Surviving & Thriving through Caring for your Parent/s Andie Child/children understanding strategies for your Mental Health and theirs and the importance of Self Care for families
BETHAN MARY THOMPSON Warrior Mental Health & Wellness Educator
  • Understanding how to deal with challenges planning and actions that can be taken to assist family and support them
  • 3 Golden nuggetts of strategies to deal with Mental Health
  • Understanding of time management, organised self care strategies
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Hope for the best; Plan for the worst; Act with integrity; and Let God do the rest!
Bruce D. Graham Relationship Coach, Author
  • Practice active listening; be curious about what you have never heard before!
  • Act with integrity; it's never too late!
  • Be a Relationship Hero; it's the only way you will win!
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Conquering the Wild, Wild Web: Protecting Your Child from Online Dangers
CJ Scarlet Danger Expert & Bestselling Author
  • What the biggest online dangers are that pose threats to your child
  • How to ensure your kid stays safe online
  • Should you (gasp!) spy on your kid's online activity?
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Supporting the "Other" in Your Family: Bring Empathy and Understanding to Invisible Conditions
Caroline "Carrie" Niederman Patient Advocate

Attendees will gain insight into three different ways they can be a better advocate for their sick family member:

  • Identify both the subtle signs and how each day changes due to the roller coaster ride nature of these illnesses.
  • See how day-to-day stimuli act as triggers.
  • Learn how to plan family events and/or outings so your sick family member does not have to be the "other".
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Breaking The Silence: Breast Implant Illness Exposed
Cheyenne "The Explant Rebel" Burnett Women's Health Warrior
  • Awareness of Breast Implant Illness (BII):
    Gain a deep understanding of Breast Implant Illness (BII) as a hidden and widespread issue affecting millions of women globally.
    Learn about the personal journey of Cheyenne Burnett, the speaker, who faced this silent epidemic herself, emphasizing the real and potentially devastating impact of breast implants on the human body.
  • Navigating the Challenges of Diagnosis:
    Explore the challenges and struggles faced by individuals dealing with BII, including the labyrinth of misdiagnoses and disbelief that Cheyenne encountered.
    Understand the importance of perseverance and courage in seeking the truth about the connection between breast implants and the adverse effects on one's health.
  • Urgent Call for Awareness, Research, and Support:
    Recognize the pressing need for increased awareness surrounding BII, emphasizing its life-altering implications for those affected.
    Understand the speaker's call to action for more research into the condition, as well as the importance of establishing a support system for individuals grappling with the physical and emotional challenges of Breast Implant Illness.
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Transformation, and the importance of leading a home in a healthy manner
Coach Samantha Mazola Life coach, and personal trainer
  • Positive habits
  • tools to health change mindset
  • advise of healthy foods
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The Space-Time Parent Conundrum: Why our efforts to create more space, time, and connection with our families often backfire and what to do about it in the midst of busy workdays
David Lederman Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Coach
  • Why trying to battle our calendars and To Do lists is a flawed strategy for creating the time, space, and connection we truly seek with our families
  • The 3 keys to unlocking a workday full of time, space, and connection
  • A powerful practice to identify and release our Core Toxic Habit that keeps our workdays depleting and at odds with the rest of life
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From Fear to Choosing JOY in every moment
Debbie Prediger Empowerment Expert and Strategist
  • Using JOY as your north star
  • Empowered Choices come from awareness
  • Well-being Freedom is on the other side these choices
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Empowering Diabetes Management: The Road to Food Freedom
Diane Achatz Diabetes Lifestyle Coach
  • Diabetes management can be simplified through tracking essential nutrients, but embracing change is the challenging part of the equation.
  • Small, sustainable lifestyle choices, especially in food, exercise, and self-care, play a crucial role in achieving better diabetes control.
  • As a Diabetes Lifestyle Coach, Diane can be a valuable addition to an individual's team of health professionals, providing support and helping them follow their doctor's recommendations. Her role is akin to guiding clients through a dark tunnel, shedding light on the path because she had the light and knows the challenges and obstacles that might derail them.  She holds their vision until they reach their health goals.
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Gen Z Takeoff: Helping Kids Transition from Nest-Life to Their Best-Life with Ease
Donovan Dreyer Gen Z Takeoff Coach
  1. Handle present stress so each day is smoother.
  2. Create a clear career and lifestyle plan so they are excited to smoothly transition from nest-life to their best-life.
  3. Develop the real skills they actually need in life to effectively juggle the real, artificial and inner worlds.
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How to be Unstoppable in a World of Chaos.
Dorothy O'Dell Unstoppable Overcomer

How to be true to yourself in a world where that wants you to blend in, No matter what is going on around you be you, if you think you going through hell keep walking, don't stop. 

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3 Keys to Having Keys and Fulfillment Within The Family
Dr. L The Parent Whisperer Dr. L, The Parent Whisperer

Dr. Ali Lankerani is a clinical neuroscientist, affectionately known by his patients as Dr. L, The Parent Whisperer.

Dr. L is an internationally published best-selling author, speaker, and coach and voted twice as one of America’s Top Doctors and ran an award-winning practice where he helped kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

He currently runs online programs to support parents and their children, encouraging healthy development and growing relationships.
He is also the host of the TV channel, Role Model Maker.

Dr. L also enjoys being the active father to his two Amazing Kids while proudly serving as the Founder of Role Model Maker and Creator of the Amazing Parents' Network.
His mission is to promote brain-based programs to support parents and their children to foster their optimum potential and their quest for personal fulfillment.

You can find him regularly speaking at a variety of venues on health, lifestyle, and personal as well as child development.

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Secrets to Decode Your Internal Rhythm and Maximize Sleep
Dr. Philip Robert Mach Circadian Rhythm and Metabolism Expert
  • What is Circadian Rhythm?
  • Why is it important?
  • Secrets to improve your Rhythm for Overall health 
  • Successful Habits to Improve Overall Sleep
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Expert's Panel Discussion
Expert's Panel Discussion Expert's Panel Discussion

Expert's Panel Discussion

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Unlock The Healing Power Within Your Drainage Pathways
Heather Creson Cellular Optimization Specialist
  • Why most detoxes and cleanses DON'T work and what you can do differently to get the best results
  • The three foundational components that must be in place in order to heal at the cellular level.
  • How to harness the healing power within your body's drainage pathways
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The Genius Paradigm - Transformational Education
Heidi Christianson Home Education Expert
  • Changing paradigms change outcomes
  • Educating from strengths
  • Realizing Genius
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3 myths parents believe about educating their children and why they are not true
Herb & Kristina Heagh-Avritt Education Consultants
  • Why parents are their child's best educator
  • Why parents really do have time to educate their own children
  • Why homeschool students are being sought out by colleges
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Teens and Trauma | Help and Healing is Happening
Jackie Bailey International Conversation Coach
  • Ways kids are experiencing trauma
  • How kids are helped to identify trauma
  • Programs available to help overcome trauma and even speak about it
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Fruit Loops Moments: Finding Joy In Our Darkest Hour
Jan "JOY" Hoath Speaker, Poet, JOYfilled Leadership Ment
  • Understand how to create miraculous outcomes even amidst the challenges of parenting and their professional life.
  • Awaken spiritual JOY consciousness to enhance their relationships, health, wealth, and wisdom.
  • The 3 steps to access JOY as their superpower daily through the Happiness Prism™
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The Truth About Work Life Balance
Janet Krebs Family Advocate/Coach

Janet Krebs is the parenting strategist that helps families adopt a leadership mindset and empowers them to cultivate confidence and self-reliance in themselves and their children. 
Janet has enjoyed a rich career in Consulting, Human Resources and Education.  She spent over 14 years as Commander Krebs in a Space Flight Simulator where she impacted over 60,000 students.
She is a 2X best-selling author and she earned advanced degrees in Human Development, Counseling Psychology and Education which add credentials to her work.  Ask her about her greatest accomplishment, she’ll smile wide and without hesitation name her son Benjamin and daughter Elisa.

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Navigating Co-Parenting with a Toxic Ex: Three Essential Strategies for a Healthier Relationship
Jenni Rock Co-Parenting Conflict Resolution Expert
  • Understanding what Toxic Co-Parenting looks like
  • 3 essential strategies to change communication
  • The potential positive outcomes of implementing these strategies
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From Conflict to Connection
Jennifer Poole Parenting Educator and Family Coaching
  • The importance of cultivating self awareness
  • The ability to self regulate
  • Importance of modeling self-love and self-compassion
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Value Based Relationships
Jim Hetherington Author Speaker Mentor
  • The Foundations of Value-Based Relationships.
  • Value-Based Decision-Making in Relationships.
  • Personal Growth and Success Through Value Alignment
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"What's Next for Me?" How to Naturally Sync with Your Soul to Navigate Change, Find, and Live Your Purpose
Kelly Myszkowski Sync with Your Soul Life Purpose Coach
  • Change feels overwhelming when you’re trying to “figure out” what’s next because you’re disconnected from your innate guidance to the natural flow of life supporting you.
  • When you relax deeply, and allow your limiting patterns to unwind, it’s easier to sense and sync with your Soul’s innate guidance.
  • Everything you need is built within you – sync with it to connect yourself with the opportunities, resources, and support waiting for you on the path you’re designed to live.
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Healing With HTMA
Kelsie Michaud HTMA Practitioner
  • HTMA Vs Bloodwork
  • What you can learn from an HTMA test
  • How to know when to test minerals
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Saving Lives, Losing Loved Ones: The Impact on Families of First Responders
Kyle Goodknight EMS Educator
  • Understanding the Unique Challenges to families of first responders and the weight on the mental health of the first responders themselves
  • Staggering Statistics of the First Responder 
  • Communication and Emotional Expression. How to fortify yourself and the family of any high-stress jobs.
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Words Matter: Struggling Readers, Labels and Low Self-Esteem
Linda Cansler Colasanti Dyslexia Consultant
  • Why screening a struggling reader is crucial and to do it as soon as possible to avoid self-esteem issues.


  • If a child is diagnosed with Dyslexia, have no fear - There are strengths associated with this learning difference.


  • The transformative power of words - the words we say to ourselves and how that impacts our body, our minds and shapes our future.
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Baby Wisdom For New Parents
Linda Franklin-Biggs Professional Educator
  • How to use music & playtime to teach speech, vocabulary, and comprehension to your baby and build strong neural connections (synapses) in the brain. 
  • How babies learn and why it’s so important to engage in purposeful cognitive stimulation now! Understanding what “Use it or Lose It" means for your baby
  • How this will ultimately give them an advantage when they start school.
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Becoming Bully-Proof: The Transformative Power of Laughter
Malcolm Grissom The Bully Prevention Comedian
  • The Transformative Power of Laughter: Understanding how laughter can be a powerful tool in changing the dynamics of bullying. The audience will learn about the psychological and social benefits of laughter, how it can reduce stress, build resilience, and create a more positive environment, making it harder for bullying to take root and thrive.
  • Strategies for Implementing Laughter in Bullying Prevention: Practical ways to incorporate laughter and humor into everyday interactions and strategies within schools and communities. This includes techniques for educators and parents to use laughter to defuse tense situations, build stronger connections with students, and foster a more inclusive and supportive atmosphere.
  • Empathy and Emotional Intelligence in Addressing Bullying: The role of empathy in understanding and combating bullying. The audience will gain insights into how fostering emotional intelligence among students, through the use of humor and laughter, can lead to more empathetic interactions, reduce bullying incidents, and create a culture of kindness and respect in educational settings.
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You 2.0: An Upleveled Version That's Fit, Healthy & Confident
Marcie Anderson Comprehensive Wellness & Fitness Coach:
  • Eliminate Time & Lifestyle Challenges
  • Get a New Version of You in 30 Minutes
  • Experience Greater Strength, Flexibility, Confidence & Sexiness
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Co-Create a World Transforming Family Legacy
Marilyn Atteberry Experienced Trail Blazer/Life Guide
  • We always have plenty of "Present Time".
  • Generations can always grow together.
  • Three "C" words that can move mountains:  Connection Co-Creation  Compassion
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P.L.A.Y. to Win - The Simple Secret to Happiness
Megan Bendtzen The Doctor of Fun

• Discover the single biggest lie regarding happiness and what to do about it! 😱
• Avoid the most common mistake people make when dealing with difficulties! 😬
• As the holidays approach, trim down the stress and find the ho-ho-ho in the ho-hum! 🎉

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Taming Your Triggers and Handling Your Hot Buttons During the Holidays
Mindy Green Parenting Coach
  • 🔍 Identify your common triggers.
  • 🌪️ Learn how to manage those intense emotions.
  • 🤗 Feel empowered with strategies to create harmony at home
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Optimal Gut: Conquer Constipation, Master Bowel Health, Feel Phenomenal!
Nikki Golly Constipation & Sensitivity Nutritionist
  • The most common food sensitivities
  • 3 keys to having great bowel movements
  • The most powerful underrated trick for feeling great
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The 5 Lifestyle Habits Which Can Give You 10 Extra Years Free of Chronic Disease
Randy Rolfe Best-selling author, speaker and coach
  • How to break the cycle of eating more than your body needs
  • How to transform your relationship to food to end all the confusion and conflict
  • How to discover how wonderful real, nourishing food actually tastes
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Are We on the Same Page? New 'Roles & Rules' for Parents of a Blended Family
Rick and Leisa Olson F.U.S.E. Family Coaches

• The importance of setting boundaries in a StepCouple relationship
• What ‘New Roles and New Rules’ is all about
• How can we both get on the same page?

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Reviving the Mind: Navigating ADHD, Concussion Recovery
Simone Fortier Brain Health, ADHD & Nutrition Expert
  • Natural Clinically Proven strategies for ADHD: Dive into the hopeful world of ADHD symptom resolution.  Create peace and Ease in your communication and home. 
  • Personalized Brain Nutrition: The Game-Changer Test: Get ready to be amazed by a revolutionary test that pinpoints exactly what your brain craves. This isn't a one-size-fits-all solution; it's a personalized roadmap to the specific nutrients your brain needs to function at its best. This knowledge is a game-changer in optimizing the ADHD brain 
  • Strategies Tailored for the ADHD Brain: Equip yourself with an arsenal of strategies specifically designed for the unique challenges of the ADHD brain.. These strategies are more than just tips; they're life-changers for those navigating the world of ADHD.
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From Conflict to Connection; How to Argue Less and Talk More with your Tween/Teen so that you can have peace in your home and the best relationship with your child
Tess Connolly LCSW, Parent and Family Coach
  • Set the stage for change; explain the why/intention; use positive language and respect
  • Create 1:1 time to increase cooperation and build your connection
  • Validate/Acknowledge their concerns and give them control over the solution


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Helping children communicate their feelings with confidence.
Wendy Elizabeth White Early Years Practitioner
  • How to encourage children to talk about their feelings
  • How to role model emotional wellbeing
  • How sensory toys help evoke communication
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The Power of the Pause for Parents to Discover the Right Next Step
Wendy Schofer, MD Whole Family Well-being Expert
  • How the pause is the most powerful tool in communicating with kids
  • How stress can take many forms in our homes and yet simple tools can help relieve it
  • How cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology and neuroscience underlie effective stress management techniques you can use today for both parents and children
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