Soulful on Social Summit
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Organizer Dr. Katja Rusanen
Soulful on Social Summit
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Elevate Your Success with the Soulful on Social Summit!

Discover the transformative power of social media and modern marketing strategies. 
Shift your focus, unburden yourself from traditional methods, and connect authentically 
with your ideal clients. 

Join us to:

🚀 How to grow your online business using Instagram as the ultimate guide 
🚀 How to build powerful connections on social media and boost your online presence 
🚀 How to transform from being invisible to unforgettable with a 4-step GPS to 
     heart-centered marketing and client attraction 
🚀 How to create trust-building content that attracts clients and drives sales 
🚀 How to embrace your radiant soul and authentically shine on social media and beyond 

🚀 How to profitize your purpose and achieve financial abundance with pleasure and purpose 

🚀 How to leverage the power of past lives to enhance your social media presence and growth 

🚀 And so much more…  

Get ready to open doors to boundless possibilities and unlock the true potential. Join us on this transformative experience and elevate your success to extraordinary heights!

Closing Sales With An Open Heart
Ann Hession Heart-Centered Soulful Sales Expert

Is it really possible to be yourself, coming from the heart and your most authentic self, AND be effective at selling your wonderful offerings...

...without feeling fake, pushy or salesy?


Way too often healers find themselves stuck, stopped, and frustrated when it comes to actually selling their wonderful offerings, but it doesn't have to be that way. Come learn the authentic way to connect with people that feels good, and has them leaning in and excited to work with you!

How Past Lives Affect Your Social Media Presence and Growth
Antonia Van Becker and Greg Lee Owners - Self Health Institute

How Past Lives can have a detrimental effect on your ability to be confident and visible posting on Social Media. 

Profitize Your Purpose™ 3 Sure-Fire Strategies to Harness Your Purpose to Create MORE in Your Business.
Christie Ruffino Profitize Your Purpose™ Coach

Feeling lost in the crowd?

Would you like to discover how to magnetize your ideal clients with your natural brilliance and unique superpower?

If so, then buckle up and get ready for 3 Sure-Fire Strategies to Harness Your Purpose to Create MORE in Your Business.

In this presentation, Christie will zero in on…

  • What it takes to build a purpose-driven business with multiple profit centers to make MORE money.
  • Your purpose; what makes you naturally brilliant and captivating to attract MORE of your ideal clients.
  • How to have consistent and automated processes in place to serve MORE clients in less time.

Sign up today, and get ready to stand out like the star that you are!

Business Marketing +1
Marketing Client Attraction +3
Trust-Building Content that Attracts Clients and Sales
Deb Coman Content Conversion Strategist

Healers who want to make a difference often struggle to get clients. You want to heal more people, but marketing and promoting your services always fall by the wayside. When it comes to social media, you’d love an easier way to make meaningful connections that lead to clients and sales.


Deb will cover how to:


• Increase visibility.

• Showcase your expertise and build social proof.

• Borrow influence and expand your reach.

• Attract new followers and deepen relationships.

• And engage in ways that lead to connection, collaborations, and sales.

Leverage AI for Captivating Stories on Social
Dr. Katja Rusanen Success Story Coach

Ready to turn your stories into client-attracting magnets on social and beyond with the help of AI? Join Dr. Katja Rusanen, your Success Story Coach, for a transformative session that will uplevel your storytelling. 

In this insightful talk, Dr. Katja will reveal: 

  • Audience Insights: What if AI could be your guide to deeply understand your audience's desires? Prepare to be amazed.
  • The #1 Element You Must Include: Think stories are just words? Wait until you discover this game-changer.
  • The Secret to Stop the Scroll on Social: Want to know how to make people pause and pay attention to your story? AI can help you with this, and it can be easier than you think.

Join this transformative session that promises not just to inform, but to inspire. Elevate your storytelling, captivate your ideal clients, and amplify your impact like never before!

Client Attraction Storytelling
Inviting Your Soul to Shine: Embrace the Power of Authenticity
Gregory Vahanian Transformational Life Coach

Step into the Soulful Spotlight: Embrace Authenticity, Empowerment & Abundance on Social Media

Calling all Courageous Lightworkers, Coaches, and Therapists for a Soul-Nourishing Summit Session!

Step into the Soulful Spotlight and join us for a heart-centered and transformative presentation. Let your light shine by elevating your social media presence with the essence of authenticity, empowerment and abundance. Embrace boundless opportunities through a learning orientation to grow your gifts and serve generously. Transcend self-limiting beliefs, and step confidently into your soulful power on social media. 

You are warmly invited to attend this session and enjoy a soul-nourishing exploration in support of your authentic expression and opportunity to bring forward more of your genuine presence in service to all who may be touched by your life and social media presence.  

The Ultimate Guide To Explode Your Online Business With Instagram
Jake Adam Davey UKs leading Instagram Marketing Expert

Introducing the 4 Keys to go from Zero to Hero on Instagram.

You're about to learn the EXACT system we've used to generate over $14Million in sales, attract hundreds of thousands of highly engaged followers and generate tens of thousands of clients worldwide with Instagram.

In the training, we'll break down step-by-step...

1. The "Instagram Accelerator" system — the NEW WAY to grow any Instagram account, build authority FAST so you can get your message, product or service in front of the right people.

2. The Instant Authority Blueprint: How to easily attract thousands of active and engaged Instagram followers to your account on autopilot and be seen as the go-to expert in your industry.

3. The 3 Step A-C-T System you can use immediately to monetise any Instagram account and convert your followers into leads, clients and customers (and grow a wildly profitable business online).

If you're an ambitious entrepreneur or business owner ready for NEW results, this training is for you!

Business Education +2
Eliminate Hidden Blocks to Visibility -- and Market Yourself Confidently
Kristin Maxwell Success Mindset Coach

How many clients could you attract, if you took consistent, confident action to share your gifts on social media?  However, when it comes to being visible, many entrepreneurs procrastinate and fail to take the most important actions that will attract clients and grow their business. In this presentation, Kristin Maxwell explores the underlying blocks that lead many entrepreneurs to resist marketing. Listen in to discover how to overcome the hidden beliefs that block visibility, so you can take bold enthusiastic action to market yourself and claim your worth.  


The Power Of Connection On Social Media
Lorraine Duncan Purposeful Networking with Social Media

This presentation will teach you how to win at social media by the power of connection!

Business Education +1
Business Social Media +2
Embrace Your Radiant Soul: Be You, Radiate Authenticity on Social and beyond
Louise Lavergne Spiritual Mentor-Author

Shine Authentically and Thrive with Soul-Full Radiance! In this transformative program led by renowned Modern-day mystic Louise Lavergne, you'll embark on an enlightening journey to embrace your authentic brilliance. This session is specially designed for heart-centered coaches, healers, and business owners who aspire to authentically shine their light and passion while staying true to their soul's truth.

Discover on-the-spot actionable tools to deepen self-awareness and liberate yourself from self-limiting beliefs and ancestral blocks that may hinder your full expression of authenticity. Through this process, you can manifest your success and thrive with soul-full radiance on social media and in all aspects of your life.

Embrace your unique essence, attracting your ideal audience and illuminating every aspect of your existence with radiant authenticity and joy.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to embody your authentic brilliance and unleash your true power to thrive authentically! 

Health & Well-being
Soul Purpose
Your Frequency FactorTM: Amplify Your Voice, Calibrate Your Message, Call-in Your 6 to 7-Figure Revenue & Impact - By Being More YOU!
Michelle Kopper Voice, Video & Visibility Expert

Join me for an inspiring and illuminating interview with Voice, Video & Visibility expert Michelle Kopper, creator of The Frequency Factor™ and CEO of The Inspired Voice Business Coaching to discover what's working right now to attract high-level clients without adding more to your plate so that you generate your next 6 figures and beyond. 



  • The 3-Step Framework to Claim Your Voice, Clarify Your Message, and Call In Clients (in any economy) through a customized and streamlined approach 

  • How to get free from the hustle-and-grind mode to leverage all the time, training, tactics and tools you've tried so far into tangible income results.

  • How to Simplify & Focus Your Strategy to increase your income in the next days or weeks.



From Invisible to Unforgettable: Your 4 step GPS to Heart-Centered Marketing and Client Attraction
Virginia Parsons Founder: Media Spotlight Marketing

Discover the ultimate GPS roadmap to attracting clients and growing your online business! As a heart-centered entrepreneur, coach or healer, marketing your business can feel overwhelming and confusing, but it doesn't have to be. Virginia reveals her proprietary marketing system; a step-by-step map that you can follow to go from "invisible to unforgettable" so you consistently attract new clients without feeling intimidated by technology or overwhelmed by the process. She will walk you through a clear, easy-to-follow roadmap of the four core areas of marketing: reputation marketing, social media marketing, list building, and marketing funnels. You'll learn where to focus your efforts and exactly what steps to take to authentically market your expertise and get known as a sought-after expert in your niche. 

Pleasurable Success: Embracing Joy and Purpose on the Road to Financial Abundance
Wendy Petties The Relationships Whisperer

Join us for an awe-inspiring journey of transformation as Wendy Petties, shares her remarkable story of going from financial struggle to becoming a millionaire. Wendy will reveal the powerful secrets that led her to embrace pleasure, purpose, and self-discovery, igniting a path to ultimate success.

This empowering presentation isn't just about financial liberation; it's about embracing joy and purpose in every aspect of life. Wendy will share practical insights on how to align your career with your passions, build unshakable resilience, and create a life filled with both financial success and genuine fulfillment.

Overcoming Money Blocks Relationships +1