Get More Clients Online
Get More Clients Online
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Get More Clients Online
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Marketing Secrets That Turn Online Leads Into High Paying Clients
Alexis Caldicott Live Speaker

During This Training You'll Learn: 

=> #1 Reason Online Leads Aren’t Buying From You (And How to Turn That Around) 

=> The ONE Secret Marketing Technique That Successful Online Biz Owners Know That Will Increase Your Sales Over 67% Overnight. 

=> 3 Ways to Magnetize Your Ideal Clients & Weed Out the Tire Kickers 

=> How to Strategically Guide Your Online Leads From Strangers To Paying Clients

3 Ways to Get 53% More Clients From Online With Photography
Bonnie Dickson Host & Business Visibility Photographer

You might be familiar with the saying "a picture speaks 1000 words", did you know that this saying isn't unique to vacation photos of lovely sunsets? The images and photos you use online to show potential customers your service or products matter more than you'd think! In my talk, I will share with you 3 ways to use images of your business in order to get more clients from online. Your digital first impression matters, now more than ever, let's attract your ideal customer and not repel them. Join me to learn how, it's easier than you think!

Business Marketing +2
Digital Marketing Photography +2
“Ideas to Income: How to Package Your Expertise for Consistent Monthly Income”
Jessica Terzakis Live Speaker

When you work 1-1 with clients, you’re locked, and you’ll soon hit a time and income ceiling. It’s an important foundation, but at some point, it’s frustrating and exhausting. That’s where small group coaching programs come in: they require minimal tech and minimal complexity. It’s the most overlooked income opportunity for service-based entrepreneurs like coaches, consultants, and speakers who are looking to grow their businesses without big budgets, teams, or a huge following. 

Key Teaching Points/Takeaways: 

1. How to package your expertise so it’s easily consumable and extremely profitable, so you’re no longer leaving money on the table 

2. How to teach your clients so they become raving fans (the kind that buys from you over and over again) 

3. How you can break out of the 1-1 client trap without having a huge email list, social media following, website, or tech budget 

How to Scale F.A.S.T.
Kim Walsh Phillips Live Speaker

The secret to focusing on your right fit market, establishing Authority, Celebrity and Expert Status and how to scale quickly with a Client Generation Machine. 

How To Build A Premium Brand That Commands Premium Pricing
Re Perez Live Speaker
  • The Truth About Brands and Branding
  • The Top 5 Levers of Building A Premium Brand
  • Simple Action Steps You Can Take Today to Elevate Your Brand
How to Say it to Sell it
Cheryl Burget Bonus Speaker

Most entrepreneurs get nervous when they have to answer the question, “what do you do?” And most of the time it’s gimmicky, unclear, includes too many things, etc. The most important thing you can do is talk directly to our ideal client about a problem they have and a solution you provide. The question we will answer is what is the biggest problem your ideal client has right now? 

• The #1 mistake that most service-based professionals don’t know that is keeping clients from working with them. 

• The exact words you must say to make your services irresistible. 

• A proven-system to turn prospects into paying clients. 

• The must-have mindset to consistently get clients saying, "Yes"

How to brand your business, to get more clients online.
Denny Kurien Bonus Speaker

Many entrepreneurs think that branding simply involves creating the logo & website design for their business. But it's so much more. To brand your business effectively in order to get more clients - you have to follow a proven framework. In my talk I will cover: 

1.) What exactly is branding? 

2.) Why is it important? 

3.) The step-by-step framework we use to brand our clients? (using the case-study of Normand law-firm) 

4.) Once you have your brand, how do you market yourself online using social media (will provide 100 business post ideas for Instagram & Linkedin - free gift)

How to Price it Like You’re Worth it!
Hailey Patry Bonus Speaker

In a dynamic interview with The Happy Business Coach, Hailey Patry, she’ll be sharing her very best business advice on: 

- How to price your products and services to match your worth and honor your time 

- Figuring out your magic number, so you have meaningful earning targets 

- How to create a successful pivot to virtual services, and deliver even more value to your clients 

- Strategies to create high-conversion consults and sample experiences that impress 

- To consult or not to consult… learn when to say no and when it’s worth the yes 

- Amp up your unique value proposition and how to speak about your business so you stand out 

- Rock your sales funnel from exposure, to impressed, to purchased and 5* reviews plus referrals 

- Goals, planning, owning your schedule and taking home 6 figures a year, in 30 hours or less a week


Free Gift

You get a free 30-minute Business Coaching Session which you have permission to record for future use, a thorough questionnaire you can answer before the session to gain tons of clarity on where you are, where you want to go with your business, and what's in the way of your ultimate success. Plus, an archive of content from all 5 of her books. 

To claim your free offer, send a text to Hailey at 416-797-5856, and type the words: FREE BUSINESS COACHING SESSION 

Why & How A Book Will Get You More Clients Online
Helen Chang Bonus Speaker

You'll discover a proven method to write your extraordinary book that stands out from others on the same topic. You'll learn the three secrets to plan your book, tell your stories and create your ROI. You'll start envisioning your powerful book. Whether you’re a first-time or veteran author, you will catapult your business with using her masterful strategies. You'll come away with confidence and clarity about writing a book you can be proud of and creating an empire that leaves people hungering to work with you. 

3 main takeaways: 

- If you are in a business that offers consults, you’ll know how to uplevel the consult experience and skyrocket the number of yesses you get, turning prospective clients into raving fan customers. 

- Your money blocks will start to come down, and your price bar will raise in a way that feels authentic, comfortable, ethical and actually beneficial for your customers. 

- You will learn the secrets to optimizing your 168-hour week, making more money in less time, and creating the work-life balance you crave.

Getting New Clients with Organic Lead Generation Strategies
Lisa Pezik Bonus Speaker

In a world where trust and attention span are at it's all time lowest, you'll learn how to stand out amongst your competition and have potential customers become clients, fast. Walk away knowing, 

1. How to craft a story that sells 

2. The best visuals on social media and email to grab attention 

3. How a lead magnet opt-in makes all the difference 

4. The power of omnipresence and PR 

5. The 5 reasons why people don't buy and how to safeguard your business for an easy yes

Show Me the Money in Your Office Based Practice
Lorie Brown Bonus Speaker

- Overcome Mental Blocks and Beliefs that do not serve you 

- Push Past Fears - Create a Plan on what to Charge in Your Business 

- Embody a Positive Money Mindset 

- Break the Limiting Rules You Set for Your Business 

- And MORE!

Brand Omnipresence: The Brand Positioning & Marketing Secrets I used to Generate $225,000 in 1 week for my Brick & Mortar Practice!
Marcus Chacos Bonus Speaker

The Expert Alchemy Formula provides a blueprint for massive business growth and impacting you clients in a profound and powerful way through: 

- Becoming a bestselling author 

- Delivering a keynote address 

- Creating an in-house program, and 

- Creating back-end products and services 

This will allow you to create Omnipresence (be everywhere your prospects are with a powerful and compelling message that places you and your business pre-eminently in their mind), resulting in Total Domination, becoming the go-to expert in your field.

No free gift, just massive value added in this talk!

How to add credibility and grow your influence with book and brand marketing
Melanie Herschorn Bonus Speaker

Are you ready to learn the top 3 strategies you need to amplify your message and grow your influence online? In this talk, you will: 

- Discover why a content marketing strategy will get your book and brand to shine online 

- Crack the code for your social media content to position you as an expert 

- Get clear on how to nurture your audience 

Using Your Voice/ Speaking to Get Clients Online.
Moira Ni Ghallachoir Bonus Speaker

You can start to use speaking as a tool to enrol great clients even if you’ve never spoken before, or you’re not enrolling the clients you want from your current gigs. Moira started speaking in her hometown of Donegal Ireland when she first started her business over 4 years ago. Since then she has spoken worldwide so she knows what's possible for you too. If you know where to find opportunities because they are everywhere! 

In this talk she will reveal the secrets to how she has booked gigs in less than 5 minutes! Plus … strategies she teaches her high-end clients so you can find those amazing speaking gigs globally! She’ll also share how to get out from behind your beloved computer and connect directly with the thousands who want to hear your story, your message and benefit from your brilliance. 

Key takeaways of the talk: 

- How to book speaking gigs globally 

- The keys to start enrolling clients from speaking even if you've never spoken! 

- What creating a truly global impact looks like from speaking 

- How to have a great lifestyle from one simple strategy that anyone can use

Paid From the Stage: The power of using public speaking to build a business & life you love!
Natalie Lavelock Bonus Speaker

3 Things the Audience Will Learn, How to use public speaking to: 

1. Get more clients 

2. Make more money 

3. Create a business & life you love!

The Customer Conversion Formula--use Brain Biology to become a Giant Magnet for Ideal Customers
Ridgely Goldsborough Bonus Speaker

Learn how to use brain biology to target the decision making part of the brain--including the decision to buy your products or services. Discover your WHY. Craft a message based on your authentic self. Target the limbic, decision-making brain to convert more prospects into customers, effortlessly and organically.

17 ways to gain leads Online NOW, which is right for you?
Shay Wheat Bonus Speaker

Events are one of the most powerful tools to scale your business and leverage your time. There are over 17 different event types, and in my talk I will help you identify the best event that will make you the most money the fastest BASED on where you are at in your business! Focusing on the right event, and the right time will make growing and scaling your business and leverage your time much easier. 


1. What are 17 Events that you could be using to scale your business and leverage your time? 

2. What is the best event that will make you the most money the fastest based on where you are in your business right now. 

3. How to map out a strategy to connect with your future clients and fill your events, with predictability.

Image is Everything - What is your business visual branding strategy?
Trevor Stooke Bonus Speaker

What is a visual brand identity and why does it matter for your business? A company's visual identity is the visual component of its branding, including colours, fonts, logo, and photography. It's a reflection of your company and often the first aspect of your brand that will be noticed. It critically impacts whether or not a customer will eventually purchase your product or service. To a prospective new customer, your Image is Everything, so your visual strategy needs to be on point. 

3 main talk takeaways: 

1. A great visual identity is what makes a company and its products or services unique, recognizable, and attractive compared to its competitors. 

2. The most important thing you want to know about your target audience and consumers are their pain points: identifying their problems can inform the way you approach your solutions and, ultimately, the visual identity that represents those solutions. 

3. A brand story is a powerful tool that can help you evoke an emotional appeal with your clients and set the standard for your visuals and imagery. It lets you connect with your target consumers in a way that is meaningful to them and beneficial to you.

3 Tips To Make Your Business Impact In 7 Seconds Or Less
Wendy Barr Bonus Speaker

3 Tips To Make Your Business Impact In 7 Seconds Or Less is a deep dive into The Look, The Voice, and, The Power of your unique BRAND! I’ll be sharing real-life implementable info and strategies to help you scale your business brand, so that you can build an emotional connection with your ideal client and move forward with confidence, clarity, and branding power. 

Make A Visual Impact: Stop Repelling Clients Because of Your Appearance
Yvonne Henderson Decker Bonus Speaker

- Discover common roadblocks to a quality image 

- Recognize the importance of visual impact and appearance 

- Distinguish four components for an effective first impression