Creativity & Mindfulness Stress Busting Virtual Retreat
Creativity & Mindfulness Stress Busting Virtual Retreat
Created 2 years 1 month ago
Organizer Anne-Marie Huurre
Creativity & Mindfulness Stress Busting Virtual Retreat
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Registration ends: Sun, Apr 24, 2022 11:58 PM (2 years 3 weeks ago)



Collectively, the entire world needs a break.  We've got just the answer!

Join us at the Creativity and Mindfulness Retreat, April 22-24 for a fun filled, interactive event that will leave you feeling refreshed, energized and renewed!


This is a fundraiser with 50 percent of the ticket going to our program to help Ukrainian Refugees suffering with PTSD and other mental health issues because of the war.

You’ll learn from international authorities in the field of stress management and creativity that leads to stress reduction using music, brain tech, creative problem solving, critical thinking processes, game play, visualization, creative meditations and so much more!


You'll understand how the creative thinking process can reduce your stress and makes for better work places that keep employees feel content and engaged.



Connect with entrepreneurs, workplace professionals, authors, coaches, caregivers - everyone from healthcare to high-tech, who want easy, fun and practical stress reduction solutions for themselves and their clients.

Feel good while doing good. An embodiment of Mindfulness is Generosity. Because of our background in working with veteran’s and caregivers with trauma and PTSD, we are making a contribution on your behalf to help the refugees who need help. So know that your ticket is helping a great cause.


We have lots of relaxation breaks during this event and if you have to leave us, know that we will send you the speaker recordings along with their gifts.

The Mindful Creatives

  • A creative artist who jams with Grammy musicians will have you writing a new song!
  • A distinguished brain researcher shares the science of high-tech and happiness.
  • The legal eagle makes the case for proving Mindfulness Attributes match critical thinking skills.
  • Creativity needs stimulus and this mental health creative and coach gives you the prompts for response.
  • Creative game play will melt your stress away.
  • Can you picture your way out of stress? The visualization expert storyboards the process.
  • Mind & body movements that are fast stress relievers.
  • Sound healing based on your own body's energy.
  • Mindfulness based cognitive therapy and EFT-tapping.
  • The science behind mindfulness and how it ignites creativity and reduces stress, easily and naturally.

Special Guest Appearances

  • Get into flow with a peaceful Qi Gong moment featuring the science of postures.
  • Belly laugh and shake the vagus nerve with Laughter Yoga.
  • Crystal bowls will align you to your energized soul.
  • Mindfulness based cognitive therapy and EFT-tapping.
  • Plus special guest meditation guides and contemplatives!


Day 1 Identifying Stress

From daily buildups, anxiety, mini-traumas and sadness. The Happiness Factor – Can new brain technology make us happy campers? Mindfulness and Critical Thinking – a perfect match for stress reduction.
Music and meditation techniques throughout the day.

Day 2 The Creativity Process
Tried and true problem solving techniques.
Music, creativity prompts, visualization processes.
Music and meditation techniques throughout the day.

Day 3 Integration Practices to use any time of day.
Music, Movement, Meditation, MBCT and EFT-Tapping including the science as to why they work!


Thank you for participating in this event and helping us help you, plus those suffering from the traumas of war.


Tickets, including speaker recordings and gifts - $297.

This is a fundraiser!


On a personal note:

Dear Friends,

I hope you and your colleagues and friends join us at our first virtual Mindfulness & Creativity event, April 22, 23, 24, starting at 11 am EDT till 6 pm.

Collectively, the world has gone through great changes over the past two years.  Changes that we can't control brings on stress, burnout and even trauma.

We need to give ourselves permission to practice self-compassion and self-care.

We often know intuitively what to do, but we don't.

My philosophy with the Moments to Mindfulness project is to find practical ways to use creativity and the science of mindfulness to reduce our daily stresses. This retreat has been created with new approaches to reduce stress and professional burnout that are exciting and even fun.

I am so honored to have incredible experts that are sharing their knowledge and wisdom to create change in the world. That change starts with each one of us, internally.

I acknowledge them for their talents and thank them for the support and passion they give to their work.

So bring your cup of tea, an open mind and willingness to participate. And remember, your ticket is helping refugees who need your support and so often won't ask for help.

Be well,

Anne-Marie Huurre

MBCT, EFT, Mental Health First Aider™, Stress Management Professional

Facilitator-Health & Wellness Sector,

NYU Center of Mindfulness Scholar, Mindfulness & Creativity 

Specializing in serving entrepreneurial, high-tech, healthcare/caregiving & creative industries



Creativity & Mindfulness Retreat Facilitator
Anne-Mare Huurre Founder

Specializing in entrepreneurial, high-tech, healthcare/caregiving & creative industries

As a director and producer, I’ve had the privilege to travel around the world creating documentaries, live events, and broadcast programs, working with everyone from celebrities to top corporations including Disney, General Motors, the Canadian Government and health institutions.

Being a pioneer in the computer game and mobile app industry was challenging, rewarding and yes, stressful. I still enjoy working on select projects and the techie in me is excited about launching my own mobile app.

Stress of a different kind entered my world as a daughter of parents with dementia. As a family caregiver I worked with health professionals and medical researchers. I learned about trauma, PTSD, and brain health. I’ve continued my mindfulness studies in cognitive behavioral therapy, EFT (tapping) and stress reduction, learning from experts, corporate leaders, and workplace professionals. 

For 20 years I’ve coached executives and entrepreneurs privately, worked with high-tech professionals and game developers, health professionals, authors, coaches, veterans, and family caregivers. I continue teaching Mindfulness-The Future of Work, Mindfulness & Creativity and other related programs customized to specific workplaces.

I have great respect for the science and power of mindfulness, especially in my area of focus of understanding creativity because of the results it provides for stress reduction and reducing professional burnout. 

The value it provides for workplaces is incredible because it encourages productivity, socially conscious leadership, innovative products, and mentally happy employees. 

Health & Well-being Healthcare +4
Wellness Spiritual Development +17
Using Sound Vibrations to Calm, Center, Soothe & Uplift
Diann Alexander Mindful Moments Crystal Singing Bowls

Today's Mindful Moment explores the transformative effects of sound vibration to calm, center, and soothe the soul.  In these expanded states open us to tranquility, and open our inner explorative creative spaces. Bring your headphones for the best experience!

Confidence Breathing +6
24-Posture Therapeutic Qigong Experience
Eva Raposa Integrative Wellness & Life Coach

In this introductory Qigong presentation, Eva will begin with a family story, sharing her reasons why she became certified in Qigong.  She will review the symptoms she has reverse in herself and the ones she is working on.  

She will then lead you though some of the postures that bring about relaxation, quieting thoughts, and instant calm. 

While participating with Eva, she will guide you through the beginning steps for the “Instant-Calm-Mom” course, you will feel the benefits and learn about the connections between emotions and your organs.  She will share what is going on inside while you practice each posture.   

Come away feeling relaxed, calm, insightful, and inspired!   

Next, follow the link to her giveaway, an invitation to her webinar:  "Intro to The Instant-Calm-Mom Course."  

In this webinar you will:

  • Gain deeper insight into what Qigong offers,
  • Get a list of benefits associated with Qigong
  • Learn how to get full access to the postures demonstrated by Eva in video format,
  • Learn why the PDF for each posture, will help you pinpoint which postures will help specific symptoms you may be experiencing.
  • Receive an Early Bird bonus to access the course with live support and Q&A calls with Eva.

With any time left over, Eva will share some of her exciting launches on the horizon.  Stay tuned to the end to find out what the excitement is all about!

Family & Parenting Health & Well-being
Energy Parenting +15
Health Beyond Hospitals and Private Practices
Hamid Elmyar Dr.


Integrating Mindfullness and Critical Thinking
Ian Foster Attorney & Business Coach

Being mindful of our values and deliberate of our goals is an essential part of critical thinking and decision-making. Learn how to make better and faster decisions while being in alignment with the person you want to be!

Creativity, Mindfulness & Visualization
Janet Gervers Creative Entrepreneur

A vision board is a visual means of describing and creating our intentions and goals -  a visual blueprint of what we want in life. While in practical terms it's a collage of images on poster board, the transformational impact is much more than that.


When I'm in my creative zone and when I seen people in their creative zone, it's all about being in that moment  and letting go. This is part of the process of creating your vision board. The good news is that anyone can do it.


The great news is that positive transformational shift can occur in relatively minimal time. In my Vision Board Workshops,  it’s 90 minutes to achieve peacefulness, stress reduction and positive energy. 

It’s Self-Care for Your Soul.



The Power of Creativity to Facilitate Client Breakthroughs
Marcy Nelson-Garrison Marcy Nelson-Garrison MA CPCC

No matter who your clients are, visual stimulus, metaphor, movement and a sense of play can increase self-awareness, shift perceptions and expand the field of inquiry.  Marcy will share how to use creative right-brain processes to; deepen exploration around a concept or belief, to shift the energy in a group and help client’s access intuition. The presentation will be a blend of educational content and experiential learning. 

Leadership and Ease: cultivate your emotional intelligence and become a happier person
Rachel Rider Executive Coach & SEP

Our multidisciplinary approach brings together the most effective tools for developing an unwavering inner compass and fine-tuned EQ, so you can manage conflict, resolve issues, make strategic decisions, and appropriately wield your influence to powerfully implement your vision. This in turn, lowers your stress levels and creates more space for an easeful life.
You become the respected, sought-after leader you know you can be—without sacrificing your values or integrity. 

Beyond Mindfulness: Awakening to Spirit in Every Aspect of Life
Ronald Mann Transformational Coach and Teacher

Dr. Mann will discuss his spiritual awakening when working with terminally ill children and his transformation from a “normal” psychologist to an intuitive/energy healer and student of Kriya Yoga.  He will explain the power of consciousness to impact health and wellness and how to live a life centered around love and service.  He will some meditative practices that will help you find more peace, love, health, and joy in all aspects of your life.

Creativity Games, LEGO Bricks, And The Search For Possibility
Talia Dashow Speaker, Coach, and Creatrix

The world needs new ideas to solve its big problems. But how do we find new ways of thinking when it is human nature to do what is safe and familiar? We need to practice being creative on a regular basis so that we have the courage and the creative strength to explore something new when it is needed. Creativity is not (only) a bolt of lightening that strikes us with inspiration. It is also comparing unrelated items to see how they could interact; starting a project saying “what if I try this…” or “how could we do that…”; collecting lots of ideas to have things to try in new situations; approaching life with a sense of playfulness.

In this hour we will talk about ways to increase our possibility thinking and decrease our inner critic so we can play bigger. We will play some creativity games, and exercise our creativity muscles. You can't do it wrong!

Business Family & Parenting +2
Mindset Brainstorming +4
See and be seen: allowing the space to support you
Vivian Geffen Authentic expression & Creativity Coach

As a formal student of both creativity and improvisation, I have come to understand how they both require mindsets non-judgmental curiosity, openness and awareness of what is present.  These ways of being can be cultivated on your own through noticing what happens simply by turning your focus to what is around you.  This tool is also a way to feel in command of a space when you're taking the stage or making a presentation. 

Marketing Mindset +1
Storytelling Public Speaking +12
fiZ Anthony Singer/Songwriter/Author/Speaker

I am going to show you how to take your message/mission statement, your signature speech, and transform that into a song that inspires people to join your movement.

Business Entertainment & Art +2
Client Attraction Training +6