Teach Me How To Entrepreneur
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Organizer Robbie Walls
Teach Me How To Entrepreneur
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Timezone: Central Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Wed, May 11, 2022 4:00 PM (1 year 4 months ago)


BOLD GIRL BIZ Podcast presents “Teach Me How To Entrepreneur” Summit .

This is a ½ day summit that’s designed to help YOUR IDEAL CLIENT to EVENT PROMISE.

We would love to feature YOU as a speaker!! 

Here are the details about the event:

EVENT NAME:  Teach Me To Entrepreneur

WHEN:   May 11, 2022  12:00pm -5:00pm ET


There will be 2 types of speakers for this event:

  1. 5 LIVE Expert Speakers. 
  2. 5 Pre-Recorded Speakers.

We would love to showcase your expertise & business by having you as a expert on your topic in the field of Business 101, Marketing, Mindset, Sales and  Speaking.

This is a business training event designed for professionals looking to leave their job & start a business.  

The ideal client for this event is people whose job's became extremely stressful & were severally impacted by COVID - i.e. teachers, medical staff, 1st responders, etc.)  They need support and information on how to be an entrepreneur & build a business that isn't reliant on anything or anyone to be successful, just their hard work & determination.

We will have 5 LIVE speakers during the Summit, as well as pre-recorded speakers.  

LIVE speakers will have 45 minutes to speak.
Pre-Recorded speakers will have 30 minutes to speak.

- Opportunity to give a FREE gift during your talk (lead magnet or consult - NO SELLING ALLOWED)
- An email promotion about your business to all attendees of the summit. 
- Your name & business on the event website.
- Swipe copy & graphics to promote the summit for both email & social media promotions

- Must have speaker experience & have video footage of your speaking
- Must have an email database of over 3,000 
- Must send out 3 emails to your entire email database, as well as post on social media 3 times to promote the summit between 4/25/22 - 5/9/22.
- Once selected to speak, a $100 refundable deposit is required to secure your speaking spot.  (This will be refunded after the summit if you promote as required, show up on time to speak, and only make a free offer.)

- There is NO email database requirement for pre-recorded speakers.
- Must send out 3 emails to your entire email database, as well as post on social media 3 times to promote the summit between 4/25/22 - 5/9/22.
- Once selected to speak, a $100 refundable deposit is required to secure your speaking spot.  (This will be refunded after the summit if you promote as required, show up on time to speak, and only make a free offer.


Please email  with the title TMTE Summit and I will email you an application.

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