Celebrating Authors Series: Author Success Topics pt 2
Celebrating Authors Series: Author Success Topics pt 2
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Organizer Marilyn McLeod
Celebrating Authors Series: Author Success Topics pt 2
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What Is Your Unique Design Expertise?

And why is it important?

How does what you do contribute to the quality of the author's end product?

When an author brings their manuscript to you, what can they do in advance that makes your job easier? Harder?

Please describe your ideal client and project.

Share your stories.

The Mindset of the Blocked Author
Peter van Twuyver Mindset Expert

Do you suffer from Writer’s Block?  Procrastination?  Fear of Rejection?


If so, then this presentation will help you identify and eliminate the traumas and the beliefs that block you from producing content.


In this 60 minute interview, we will discuss the fears and self-sabotaging habits that can result in Writer’s Block.


We will also discuss and demonstrate strategies that you can use right now to improve your self-care and mindset to eradicate the excuses, bad habits, Core Beliefs, and traumas that stand in your way with content creation.


Join us for an opportunity to help you transform your mindset to Unleash the Writer Within!

Education Health & Well-being +1
Mindset Abundance +7
Designing Your Best-Selling Book
Rachel Valliere Book Designer

Maximize your publishing success by learning how to prepare for book design and make the best design decisions for your book. Great design is crucial for creating and selling effective books, and it's about so much more than simply finding the right image for the front cover. Design, at its core, is communication. It’s about creating an emotion and the right first impression, and it’s the first hurdle to cross when converting a consumer to a reader. We'll go over the most common pitfalls and the best strategies to ensure your book has a cover that converts.