Celebrating Authors Series: Author Success Topics
Celebrating Authors Series: Author Success Topics
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Celebrating Authors Series: Author Success Topics
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What Is Your Unique Editing & Proofreading Expertise?

And why is it important?

How does what you do contribute to the quality of the author's end product?

When an author brings their manuscript to you, what can they do in advance that makes your job easier? Harder?

Please describe your ideal client and project.

Share your stories.


Editing Like a Pro: A Behind-the-Scenes Reveal
Ann Ljungberg Co-founders of Book Professionals Intl

Explore the intricate world of professional editing. This speech unveils the tools, techniques, and ethics employed by top editors, emphasizing the transformative power of refined editing. From common mistakes to the delicate editor-author relationship, get a comprehensive insight into the art of elevating good writing to great literature. Editing your own book is a huge task but there are some great tips to follow!




The Power and Relatability of Flawed Characters
Cassidy Choi Writer of “She Lies Still”

Heroes and villains overrun our screens and media, with stark contrasts and guided stories that tell us which side to choose. These stories catapult us into otherworldly realms, futures, and new realities that we can only dream of. But what about real life? How can we dig into the psyche of people who are complex and ominous? How much can we know about the person lying next to us? In realistic fiction, we can focus on character's motives, how their actions might not reflect their true desires, and how characters that are more complex reach out to more people than ones that are defined by their tropes. We'll delve into transgressive tropes, presenting flawed characters, and the benefit and power of making them relatable. 

Expert to Author for Recognition, Revenue and Success
Georgia Varjas From Expert to Author

Our voice and our pen are our 2 most powerful tools of communication - and our most profitable.

Our voice and our pen play an important role in communicating our message, mission and passion - to turn our expertise into the written form - printed proof and then take it out in the spoken form - separate and together.

Expressing your experiences, version of life and opinion through the written word does not just bring professional transformation but also personal. The benefits are enormous and up for grabs. And it all starts with knowing and believing in your core message, the heart of what you really want to say and share with the world.

Then it is strategy, discipline and brainstorming with your writing team.

How to Powerup Your Publicity 365 Days of the Year
Larissa Banting Accredited Publicist

The easiest way to get started with your media journey is to tap into the various “special days” throughout the year that are in your niche. I'll show you how to find these days, how to find the perfect media partner, and what to pitch. Start digging your PR well now for book launch success down the road.

PR & Communications
Publicity Training
Types of Editors & What They Do
Michelle G Cameron Writing Professional

We will discuss important tips to help you have a quality experience as you select an Editor for your manuscript.

Reverse Engineer Your Plot & Fix Your Manuscript
Shirley Jump Fiction Coach and Ghostwriter

If you’re stuck revising and don’t know what’s going wrong with your book, or can’t seem to escape the Murky Middle, this workshop will give you five key issues that can bog down a plot. This DRIVE method of determining what went wrong will give you the answers to fixing a plot that is stalled or stopped. Join Shirley Jump, a New York Times bestselling author of 85 books published in 24 countries, in this informative workshop about how to fix the most common plot problems.

Book Publishing Book Writing
Choosing an Editor for Your Manuscript
Susan Crossman Owner of Crossman Communications

This presentation looks at three important criteria an emerging author should look at when finding the best editor for their book manuscript. 

The 3 Keys to Writing a Rapidly Rising #1 International Bestselling Book
Teresa de Grosbois #1 International Bestselling Author

Teresa is the #1 international bestselling author of Mass Influence - the habits of the highly influential, which is now a #1  in 7 countries. As the founder of the Evolutionary Business Council, Teresa works with people around the world wanting to create grass roots change in communities and businesses. She teaches leaders how to create and use bestselling books to start a movement. Through her bestseller courses, Teresa has also helped hundreds of authors write and launch bestselling books. A four-time bestselling author herself, Teresa believes we can shift the thinking of society just by understanding how to generate the spread of positive word of mouth.

Teresa is also one of the founders of the Vista Mundo Conscious Community in Costa Rica, which is where she is joining us from today.