Celebrating Authors Series: Who Are Your Readers?
Celebrating Authors Series: Who Are Your Readers?
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Organizer Marilyn McLeod
Celebrating Authors Series: Who Are Your Readers?
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How Do You Get To Know Your Audience?

Are you skilled at describing and researching avatars?

We're looking for speakers who provide a unique perspective that can help authors gain clarity about their target readers, and perhaps re-thinking who they've chosen as their audience.

Your personal stories supporting your research process and how it worked out in your life or business would be helpful as well.

What's in it for you? 

Let us know in your application what benefit you'd like as a result of your presentation. Some ideas:

  • If you've written books that lead to your services, you'll be able to share your opt in page link to your lead magnet.
  • If you're looking for a support group of authors or others to help you, this is a great way to introduce yourself to potential members of your support group.
  • You'll receive a link to a recording of your presentation so you can use it as a way to introduce yourself to future collaborators and clients.
  • Depending on your presentation and how it fits into Marilyn's future plans, you may be invited to participate in subsequent programs and opportunities.


Four Easy Steps to Connect With Your Readers
Doyle Banks The Connection Advantage Coach

One key to connecting with readers is to use empathy skills. In this interview, Doyle will share four easy steps of the empathy process, so that you can genuinely connect to and speak to what your readers need and desire.

Mindset Mindfulness +1
How to Always Know What to Do Next (focus and finish)
Eric Asbeck Founder

Tap into Your Neurocircuitry: Strategies to Unleash Your Brain's Potential and Simplify Tasks for Mindful Entrepreneurs

It's Nice to Meet You! Understanding Your Ideal Reader Avatar
Heather Asiyanbi Owner/Editor

When you picture someone sitting on their couch reading your book, who do you see? 

Saying your book can help everyone means it won't really help anyone.

You must have a crystal clear image of that person and know them — not just their demographics but their psychographics as well — so you write a message that really addresses their problem and provides a solution. You want to craft your narrative and the transformation you want them to experience in a way that more deeply resonates with your reader. 

This way, when that person picks up your book, they hope you can help them. By the time they turn the last page, they're already taking action.


9 Keys of Synchronicity
Philip Merry Dr

A thought leader in synchronicity Philip has a PhD in synchronicity and leadership and his book 9 Keys of Synchronicity. Philip has 43 years experience of delivering team and leadership and cross cultural events in 63 countries, and has been for 25 years regional representative for Belbin Team Roles and has accredited over 200 team coach/facilitators. Philip is a senior UN consultant, CSP and Global Speaking Fellow. British by birth Philip has lived and worked globally from Singapore for the last 33 years. 

An Author's Journey
Sidhant Bastia Author

This is my understanding on things that all authors, writers, poets will ever need to get the best out of himself/herself to express his/her emotions in their words jotted down for the world to read and ride through.  But how to get the audience??? Come lets explore that too..

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