Celebrating Authors Series: Getting Real Support
Celebrating Authors Series: Getting Real Support
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Organizer Marilyn McLeod
Celebrating Authors Series: Getting Real Support
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Are you an author who has successfully created an environment that supports your ability to write?

You're invited to share your process, routine, what you consider as you sit down to write … whatever you've discovered that's helped you become successful in generating content.

What's in it for you? Let us know in your application what benefit you'd like as a result of your presentation. Some ideas:

  • If you've written books that lead to your services, you'll be able to share your opt in page link to your lead magnet.
  • If you're looking for a support group of authors to help you, this is a great way to introduce yourself to potential members of a future support group.
  • You'll receive a link to a recording of your presentation so you can use it as a way to introduce yourself to future collaborators and clients.
  • Depending on your presentation and how it fits into Marilyn's future plans, you may be invited to participate in subsequent programs and opportunities.
The Master Key to Undoing Resistance and Being Stuck
Daimon Sweeney Creator of NeuroMastery®

What's really in your way and how to undo it.

My Authorship Journey
Dr Ida Greene, PhD Are You Really Ready for Success?
  1. Harness the power of your intuition to get the clarity and the Divine-guidance you need to change your results in your business.
  2. Free yourself from fears or limiting beliefs that keep you or your business stuck!
  3. Are You Really Ready For Success?
Business Education +6
Communication Business +28
How to Write Like a Rebel
Elise Krentzel CEO of EK Editorial & Coaching

Have you always wanted to write but didn’t know how?
You’re unsure where to begin using the notes, ideas, and plot you may have outlined. The steps, structure, form, and method necessary to start are unclear.
You held firm to the belief that your story wasn’t worth writing.
Self-doubt got in the way of taking action. You weren’t ready to unleash your creativity.
You started but got stuck somewhere and didn’t finish.
Your life can interrupt the concentration needed to get unstuck and back into the writing flow.


Elise Krentzel will answer your questions.

From Chaos to Clarity
Kathi Burns Professional Organizer

I specialize in helping people go beyond working inside their business as opposed to working ON their business. When this happens, people go into reaction mode and rush to put a quick fix into place until you have more time to build a better system later.

How does this apply to clearing the decks to write your book?

Tune in to find out.


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Book Writing
Focus on the Finish Line
Katie Friedman Optician Low Vision Specialist

Interview with Marilyn navigating my book journey as an author.

Let's clear some trash and let your creativity flow.
Katie Miller Senior Mentor

Experience a breakthrough from creative block with insights on shedding doubts, reigniting creativity, and rewriting your story. Dive into the mind-body-creativity connection, exploring practices that rejuvenate artistic expression and empower healing. Embrace authenticity, paving the way for your brilliance to shine. Seize the chance to clear the path for unhindered creativity. Uncover the secrets to unleash your artistic potential, learning how the mind-body link influences creative flow and gaining tools for renewal. This talk is your passage to unblock creativity, celebrate authenticity, and embrace liberated artistry. Don't miss revitalizing your creative journey.

Health & Well-being Mindset
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Get Back An Hour In Every Day
Les Watson Get Back An Hour In Every Day

A fun, informative session where you will learn:

* The simple keys to having more time and energy

* How to get more done in the time you have

* A system for prioritising goals and tasks

* Techniques to deal with interruptions, indecision, procrastination and overload

* How to get over Procrastination and get sh*t done

* To get clarity and get organised

* How to choose a trusted system so things get done

Grab a place in this session and let me help you get back an hour in every day…

Book Writing
How to Keep Writing When No One is Supporting Your Dream
Shirley Jump Fiction Coach and Ghostwriter

Shirley Jump wrote 10 novels in 8 years, and was told by her own agent that she didn’t have what it took to write fiction. She battled for every conference she went to, every second of writing time that was called a “waste of time” by people around her. She even threw everything away, only to get a letter the next Saturday that changed everything. Now published in 24 countries, with 85 published books under her belt, Shirley will share the inner fortitude that kept her going and pursuing her dream of being an author.

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