BNI MidAmerica International Networking Week WOM Summit
BNI MidAmerica International Networking Week WOM Summit
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Organizer Virginia Muzquiz
BNI MidAmerica International Networking Week WOM Summit
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Networking for People Who Hate Networking
Andrew Gibson Author and Networking Expert

‘So What Do You Do?’

Does your heart sink when you are asked that question?  Or, do you ask it in fear of the long-winded and boring answer you might get as a response?  

In this presentation, Andrew will share a simple technique that transforms your networking into productive opportunity, and even turns every meeting into a productive opportunity to network!

This session is called ‘Networking for People Who Hate Networking’.  If that describes you, this will help you enjoy networking more: more support, better relationships, and ultimately more referrals.

How to Get More Referrals from Everyone You Meet
Brian Hilliard Popular Speaker + Best Selling Author

Do you ever feel like you’re doing a bunch of networking, but for whatever reason it just isn’t translating into as much bottom line business as you’d like?

Yes you’ve met some great people.  And yes, some of those folks have referred you business or even become clients themselves.

But the problem is it just hasn’t happened as often or consistently as you’d like?

Well say no more, as Popular Speaker and best-selling author Brian Hilliard shares some tips and tricks on how to best monetize their networking activities into more referrals and clients for their business.  During this fast paced session participants will learn:

  • 3 Surefire questions to stand out from the crowd,
  • 2 Quick ways to get more referrals from everyone they meet, and
  • 1 Amazingly simple formula for avoiding the single biggest mistake most networkers make.


So if you’ve got a stack of cards on your desk, and you’re looking to translate that into more referrals and paying clients, then you don’t want to miss Brian’s upcoming session on How to Get More Referrals from Everyone You Meet.

The Power of the Pride
Dawn Lyons Executive Director SF Bay Area

The Power of the Pride is a highly interactive workshop, where attendees will be very busy identifying people in their network or their “Pride” (as in a Lion Pride). Dawn shares her love for Big Cats and Networking and gives strategies on how you can identify, develop, and multiply the amount of Power you have within your Pride! 

Infinite Giving
Dr Ivan Misner Referral Alchemist

Givers Gain is not a commodity that can be spent or traded.  It is not finite.  Infinite Giving is a karmic force that will continue to influence those that experience it for as long as we recognise, respect and nurture it’s principles.


The law of cause and effect is about the way we can influence people around us through our actions and our behaviors.  When those actions and behaviors are about helping people we’ve learned that truly amazing things are possible. 


We are going to break down Givers Gain into composite parts and introduce the seven key principles that will allow you to benefit from the transcendent force, Infinite Giving.

Turn Your Contacts Into Ca$h
Jill Lublin 4x Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Master Publicity Strategist

Every person you meet is your potential client or a referral to a potential client. Based on Jill’s
bestseller, Networking Magic (now in its second edition), you will learn tactics to magnetically
influence people at meetings, networking events and social gatherings.

Whether you are shy or an extrovert, Jill’s expert techniques can be implemented immediately

Ten Commandments of High Energy Networking
Joe Apfelbaum CEO -

When it comes to networking, if you break the law there will be consequences, are are short term like people not talking to you and some are long term like people not trusting you. 

If you want to be a MAGNET and attract referrals and new business, you MUST learn the 10 commandments of networking. 

They are simple, common sense but remember that simple is not easy and common sense is not common practice. 

These 10 commandments will help you not just live a great afterlife because you will be helping so many people along your journey, it will help you capture the secret to life. 

We know that givers gain but did you know that the secret to living is GIVING?

Let's explore these ten commandments together and learn how to be an effective networking professional that gets results from each interaction. 

Here are some takeaways that you will experience by attending this engaging and entertaining presentation:


  • How to stand out from the crowd when networking
  • What to say and what not to say to establish trust
  • Getting people to actually remember your name and want to talk to you
  • Giving without losing out and getting without being annoying.
  • The biggest mistakes people make when networking and how to avoid them
LinkedIn Coach Marketing Training +2
"A Room full of referrals" - Creating a chapter environment that promotes more closed sales!
Victor Muzquiz BNI Executive Director

This presentation will show you the importance of adapting your personality and business style to connect with other (business) people in a way that will result in more business opportunities for you and them!

Maximize Your Membership
Virginia Muzquiz & Jennie Bellinger Referral Alchemist

Join Virginia and Jennie as they outline for 5 powerful business building steps you can take to Maximize your opportunities with BNI!

Networking Referrals +1