Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel Web Summit #9
Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel Web Summit #9
Created 2 years 1 month ago
Organizer Kimberly Crowe
Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel Web Summit #9
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Marketing Technology
Timezone: Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Mon, Oct 4, 2021 12:00 AM (1 year 11 months ago)


We are LIVE and ONLINE! October 4 & 5, 2021! 30+ Speakers over 2 days. A new speaker every hour on the hour! Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel is a community of entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, consultants and authors who are growing their business and want to connect with like-minded people to support each other and collaborate together.

If you are interested to speak at this event, please register here: https://entrepreneursrocketfuel.com/erf-summit-9/

The Four Stages Entrepreneurs MUST Leverage in order to 10X Their Influence
Kimberly Crowe Founder and CEO

The Four Stages Entrepreneurs MUST Leverage in order to 10X Their Influence


How To Amplify Your Authority & Get Your Message To Market With Confidence & Clarity
Tom Bailey Founder of Succeed Through Speaking

Amplify Your Authority and Get Your Message to Market With Confidence & Clarity So You Can Raise Your Profile or Gain New Clients!

Amplify Your Authority

Have you been putting off speaking, presenting or getting in front of your market? I'm sure you don't want to put it off any longer! In this live demonstration, you’ll see the exact Expert Authority Accelerator that Experts & Entrepreneurs from London to New York are using to get their message to market with confidence and clarity using a proven 3-step framework in under 90 days.

During This Live Demonstration, You’ll Discover:

How speaking with confidence, congruence and conviction is the missing piece to your marketing puzzle.

The three critical characteristics that any expert or entrepreneur must possess in order to successfully build their profile in any industry.

This is a live demo designed to grow your speaking & presenting capability. There is nothing to buy and there will be no replays.

Your host is Tom Bailey The Founder of Succeed Through Speaking

Tom Bailey has coached clients in over 15 different cities across the world to overcome their fear of speaking, and learn to present with confidence online, on video and in-person.

Tom has quickly transformed from somebody who had a crippling fear of public speaking and social anxiety into a market leading confidence and presentation coach (and he has done this through using the exact system he will be showing you).

Business Education +1
Marketing Business +4
How to Use Publicity to Generate More Sales
Jill Lublin 4x Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Master Publicity Strategist

If you want to be the #1 influencer in your industry, you’ve got to get bigger media visibility. Based on her international bestseller, Guerrilla Publicity, Jill shares simple strategies to help you go from unknown to newsworthy. Sharing her proven secrets to understanding what the media wants, Jill provides you with short-term, doable tactics that boost visibility for you and your brand.

  • Proven secrets to understand what the media outlets want
  • Get instant, actionable techniques that will boost your visibility.
  • Learn how to drive prospects to your door and profits to your pockets!

Now more than ever it’s important to stretch your message so that your visibility factor stays constant. Join publicity expert Jill Lublin as she shares new powerful tips and strategies to shine your light and your message now and no matter what! 

PR (Public Relations) Public Relations +1
Expert Secrets to Filling Events With Buyers
Alexis Caldicott Event Consultant

“How do I FILL my event?”...  This is the WRONG question and it costs business owners THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS in event sales. It’s not about filling the event; an event can be filled with “broke folk.”  It’s about attracting BUYERS to your event.  When you have a powerful marketing strategy & message, you attract high caliber prospects to your event. This is how an event with just 30 people can close over $300,000.  


During this training, Alexis will share: 

=> #1 Way To Fill Events With Buyers (That Most Event Hosts Get Wrong).

=> How To Magnetize Ideal Clients & Weed Out The “Broke Folk.”

=> Simple Ways To Position Yourself As The GO-TO Expert In Your Field.

=> A Marketing Model That Creates A Natural Breadcrumb Trail To Your Event.

=> How To Set Up Your Marketing To Create A Rush Of Event Registrations.

It turns out, size doesn’t matter! Whether you have a big or small email list & social media following, you can host an event and close 5 to 6 figures in 3 days or less!


Business Education +1
Marketing Advertising +21
Secrets of Speaking to Sell
Jase Souder Coach

How To Become A World Class Speaker That Creates Massive Impact, Raving Fans, & A Rush Of New Clients After Every Presentation.

Business Entertainment & Art +3
Communication Marketing +15
Contracts That Inspire Confidence
Ian Foster Attorney

A practicing business attorney passes on “insider secrets” on how to create contracts that not only protect you and your business, but also are easy to understand and inspire your clients to feel safe and confident working with you.

Rise Above: Get Known as an Expert by Becoming a Published Author
Judy Weintraub CEO

Becoming a published author can elevate your reputation and enable you to be perceived as a subject matter expert.  It can be daunting, however, to write and publish your book on your own. Judy will share several tips for getting your book written more easily.


-          Determine what to write about

-          Get yourself started and keep writing from the first page to the last

-          Decide between self-publishing or working with a publisher

-          Apply authors’ success habits

Business Client Attraction +4
Going global with your course: multilingual options
Anastasia Lind

Grow your business by reaching out to a multilingual audience

"Show Me Mercy" Virtual Assistants, Your Greatest Asset
Ali Lankerani Dr. L, The Parent Whisperer

Dr. Ali Lankerani is a clinical neuroscientist, affectionately known by his patients as Dr. L, The Parent Whisperer.

Dr. L is an internationally published best-selling author, speaker, and coach and voted twice as one of America’s Top Doctors and ran an award-winning practice where he helped kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

He currently runs online programs to support parents and their children, encouraging healthy development and growing relationships.
He is also the host of the TV channel, Role Model Maker.

Dr. L also enjoys being the active father to his two Amazing Kids while proudly serving as the Founder of Role Model Maker and Creator of the Amazing Parents' Network.
His mission is to promote brain-based programs to support parents and their children to foster their optimum potential and their quest for personal fulfillment.

You can find him regularly speaking at a variety of venues on health, lifestyle, and personal as well as child development.

Business Health & Well-being +1
Business Abundance +3
Wonderful Webinars: Convert Clients
Andrew Weiss

After originally struggling to convert just ONE person from his presentations, Andrew decided to dive into the realm of "Selling from Stage." Since that decision, he's given over 1,000 presentations within 3 years in the state of Oregon, which helped to grow the non-profit, Young Entrepreneurs Business Week, into a 7-figure organization. He decided to become a Full-Time Entrepreneur in October 2019 helping others to monetize their brands to gain the financial and location freedom they've always desired. He's also helped plan several World Record-Breaking events with PodFest Expo!

3 Easiest Ways to Write Your Book
Claudia Gere Creator, Aspiring Authors Program TM

You probably know you need to write a book, one that will help you grow your business, set you up as an expert, and give you opportunities for more visibility. So what's stopping you? Probably one of these three things (or something else):

  1. Not enough time
  2. Not enough to say
  3. Nothing new different to offer

The 3 Easiest Ways to Write Your Book will help you find an easier path forward, one that is suited to you and your innate style. Get the inspiration and know-how, with tips and tools to help you get started. 

Business Marketing +1
Book Marketing Book Publishing +1
Stop Self Sabotaging: Actually do what you know to do to reach your goals
Danielle Amos Mindset Coach

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a sales person or a stay at home parent, we all know what we need to do to reach our goals and yet we don't do it.  Danielle will discuss how you break down these blocks so you actually start to do what you know to do.  

The Swiss Cheese Survey
Dawn Cermak International Business and Success Consultant

Where are the holes in YOUR business?  Let's talk about the 4 Pillars of Profitability, and identify where you are leaving money on the table. 

From having a flexible business plan to formulating a marketing plan that supports your financial goals to maximizing the tax benefits of being a business owner to tying it all together with an Empowered CEO Mindset - Hey Taxi helps you identify your "gaps and gold stars" to boost your business success.

Business Plan Business Consulting +2
Is Your Business a Slave to Growth (Rather than a Master of Profits)
Jay Fairbrother The Profit Architect

Most first-time entrepreneurs focus on Growth. More leads, more clients, more revenue! Often while ignoring ways they can tweak their business to gain more profit. Get off the Growth Hamster Wheel and start making more money and helping more people! By focusing on increasing Profits in your business, you're able to create the lifestyle you want, while helping more people and building the business of your dreams.

Marketing Business +8
How to Build A POWERFUL Social Media Content Plan that will help you Reach YOUR final SALES Goals for the Last Quarter of 2021~~ !! End the Year with A BANG!!!
Jessica Koch International Speaker, Run a Virtual Assistant Membership Program, LinkedIn Trainer & Sales/Marketing Consultant

How to Build A POWERFUL Social Media Content Plan that will help you Reach YOUR final SALES Goals for the Last Quarter of 2021~~ !! End the Year with A BANG!!! 

  • Layout Template
  • Easy plan to follow (anyone can do it!)
  • Give and Reach End of Year Sales Goals that You Did not think possible!!
  • Help others be a HERO and the UNIVERSE does answer!!
How to Publish Your Book in 7 Easy Steps and Make Passive Income
Kelly Falardeau BestSelling Author Strategist

Have you ever wondered how to get a book on Amazon? Or what it takes to become a Best-Selling Author? Or what it takes to even put pen to paper and write that book? That is what Kelly Falardeau will cover in her presentation. The three pillars it takes to get a book finished, published and launched. She solves the mystery of the self-publishing world so you can make an impact and income as a published author.

Business Education +3
Education Business +3
Influencer Relationship Marketing
Kimberly Crowe Founder and CEO

Influencer Relationship Marketing 

Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel Web Summit #9 KICK-OFF
Kimberly Crowe Founder and CEO

Join us for the first session of Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel Web Summit #9 - let's kick this off!

Event Wrap-Up
Kimberly Crowe Founder and CEO

Join us for the last session of Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel Web Summit #9!

3 Keys to Amplify Your Impact, Influence and Income with Conscious Collaborations
Mark Porteous Soul Connector

During this session participants will learn:

  • How to Create More Opportunities through Conscious Collaborations
  • 3 Essential Keys for win-win relationships
  • Simple steps to get started whether you are a seasoned expert or just getting started 
  • 3 massive mistake to avoid which could ruin your reputation
The Content Licensing Formula: How to Transform Your Business by Teaching What You Love
Shadeed Eleazer Content Licensing Strategist

Content Licensing is a multi-trillion dollar industry that has been kept hidden from small business owners up until now. In this web summit session, Content Licensing Strategist Shadeed Eleazer will connect the dots and reveal how your books, courses, and signature programs have immense value to universities, agencies, and corporations through the power of Content Licensing

  • Common myths that prevent business owners from licensing content
  • What Content Licensing is in plain English
  • Why now is the perfect time
  • What makes content “license-ready”
Business Design +5
Internet College & Universities +20
5 ways to build authority online
Shannon Hinderberger CEO

Shannon Hinderberger is a digital marketing & social media coach who teaches small business owners how to grow their business using simple digital marketing strategies so they’re less overwhelmed, get results, save time & make money. She's been in the digital marketing/social media space since 1998 and worked in corporate digital marketing until going out on her own in 2017. Shannon bootstrapped a her social media agency into a six-figure business within 18 months and added social media & digital marketing coach to her services in 2019. Shannon is also part of the Facebook Leadership Network offering advice to small business owners on navigating social media changes. She lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband, two kids and French Bulldog.

The Problem is Actually a Solution: Why you secretly want that big problem to stay and don’t realize it.
Shiraz Baboo Reality Shifter

What if the reason that persistent problem won't go away is because you don't want it to go away? What if it is due to underlying fears you're not event aware of? Learn how to discover these fears and remove them so that your business grows and flows in great ways.

Health & Well-being Leadership +1
Client Attraction Personal Development +11
What is Your Formula?
Stacy Braiuca Technology Therapist™

Four major areas you need to balance in your life to be more productive, enjoy your business, balance work and home, and enhance overall wellness.

Business Education +4
Health Technology +5
How to Attract (and Retain) High Paying Coaching Clients
Steven Kirch Business Growth Strategist and Coach of Coaches

Why is it that some coaches have no trouble landing clients and others struggle? The struggle for most business coaches is the same as it is for many small businesses. How do you generate the right kind of leads (your ideal clients)? You have to find out what problem they have (they don't want), what solution they want (but don't have), and connect those with your product or service. The secret is what we call the Conversion Equation. You have to Interrupt the conversation that's going on in the head of your prospect. Engage them by showing you know what resolution they desire. Then Educate them as to how your service can take them from their problem to the solution. Then make an irresistible Offer. Come learn how this can work to explode your practice.

Business Marketing
Marketing Business +4
3 Productivity Killers that Will Sabotage Your Business--and How to Bust Them
Ted Behr The Productivity Wizard

As a business owner, your success rests with your ability to complete the tasks that are necessary for bringing you that success. That can be a challenge for many business owners; challenges such as procrastination, disorganization and distraction can sabotage your ability to get the things done that are required for your business success.

There are many behaviors that can affect how productive you are. A complete list would be quite long. But from my experience with my clients, the three behaviors that I focus on in this talk are particularly problematic.

Putting into practice the information and strategies contained in this talk will have a powerful impact on your productivity that will go a long way to bringing you the business success that you are looking for.

Business Other
Business Productivity
Your Intro Reel: Create a Perfect Intro Video
Toni Kaufman Founder and CEO

3x International #1 Amazon Bestseller: Author, ACT2, Game Changers Vol 4 - Vol 5, Host: Toni’s Tuesdays FB Live, The World-Class Mentors, In Production-God’s 2X4 and Dumbass Don’t Do It. Executive Producer Week of Kindness and Gratitude Gift Giveaway and Summit Appointed Former President George H. W. Bush Personal Computer Trainer and managed the transition team. Accomplished Producer and Casting Director: The Latin Grammy’s, Premios/Texas Music Awards, Fremantle Media Productions, Family Feud/Que Dice La Gente, Objetivo Fama/American Idol, Belleza Latina/America’s Top Model, and many more national and productions. Producer, Casting Director- ABC, CBS, NBC, Univision, Telemundo, Telefutura.