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We are thrilled to invite you to join us as a featured speaker at the Moonlit Wisdom Virtual Summit, taking place from May 12-18, 2023. This 7-day online event aims to inspire and empower participants to harness the transformative power of the moon, elevate their spiritual journey, and ignite their inner light.

The Moonlit Wisdom Virtual Summit is expected to attract a global audience of like-minded individuals who share a passion for lunar wisdom, spirituality, and personal development. 

The Moonlit Wisdom Virtual Summit seeks to feature speakers with diverse areas of expertise related to lunar wisdom, spirituality, and personal development. Some potential areas of expertise for speakers at this event include:

  1. Lunar Mysticism - Experts in lunar lore, symbolism, and the spiritual significance of the moon across various cultures and traditions.
  2. Astrology - Astrologers specializing in lunar aspects, such as moon signs, moon phases, and the influence of the moon on our astrological charts and daily lives.
  3. Moon Phase Manifestation - Specialists in harnessing the power of the moon's phases to support intention-setting, manifestation, and personal transformation.
  4. Lunar Healing - Experts in utilizing the moon's energies for emotional balance, self-care, and spiritual well-being, including energy healing practitioners and holistic therapists.
  5. Sacred Feminine Wisdom - Authorities on the connection between the moon and the divine feminine, including goddess archetypes, rituals, and practices for embracing feminine energy.
  6. Moon Rituals and Practices - Specialists in designing and leading lunar rituals, ceremonies, and spiritual practices to deepen one's connection to the moon and enhance personal growth.
  7. Intuitive Development - Experts in developing intuition and psychic abilities, particularly those related to lunar energies and cycles.
  8. Moon Meditations - Meditation teachers or guides who specialize in moon-focused practices, such as guided visualizations, breathwork, or mindfulness techniques that incorporate lunar themes.
  9. Crystal Healing - Practitioners skilled in using crystals and gemstones to harness the moon's energies for healing, balancing, and manifesting purposes.
  10. Lunar Gardening - Experts in biodynamic gardening, which involves planting and tending to plants according to lunar cycles to optimize growth and vitality.

These are just a few examples of potential areas of expertise for speakers at the Moonlit Wisdom Virtual Summit. The event aims to create a rich and diverse program that explores various facets of lunar wisdom, spirituality, and personal growth.

We believe your insights and knowledge would be a valuable addition to our lineup of speakers.

We are offering two options for speaker participation: live virtual sessions and pre-recorded virtual sessions. We are aiming for just 35 speakers for this specific event so spots are limited. Each interview session is 30 minutes long and should take the audience through your specific process so they can achieve a specific result. 

By participating in the Moonlit Wisdom Virtual Summit, you will have the chance to:

  1. Share your knowledge and expertise with a global audience of spiritual seekers
  2. Network and collaborate with other like-minded individuals
  3. Increase your visibility
  4. Make a positive impact by helping others along their spiritual journey



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