Mr Bill Lennan he/him/his
Inoculating against depression, anxiety, imposter syndrome

Depression, anxiety, imposter syndrome, and feeling powerless are results - not causes.

Raised on islands and diversely educated, Bill has always been focused on solving human as well as technical problems.

Over the span of his tech career, he has built products, teams, and solutions for mobile, recruiting, ecommerce, social media, and now education.  He has helped companies ranging from Google and Walmart to hotels and restaurants.

Bill overcame his own powerless hurdles at work and in relationships by learning a broad set of skills - skills which are also the gold standard in mental health. He co-founded HAERT with Barbara Navarro - a mental health clinician.

His clinician partner recognized that learning skills before we need them (like swimming, math, and first aid) are an inoculation against anxiety and depression just as Bill had used those skills to reclaim his life.

Today HAERT trains school professionals, parents, and students how to leverage these timeless skills for better mental health.