Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt
Strategist | Speaker Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt she/her/hers
~ Rise UP To Be The Leader You Are Meant To Be! "L-A-L"
World Class Business Strategist, Speaker & Community Builder

With over 35 years of experience as a transformational speaker, consultant, and coach. My goal is to help you make a positive impact in the world by improving your perspective, communications, planning, and sales conquests. As a conscious inspired leader, I guide businesses to align with their purpose, vision, and mission, and develop intentional strategies. My superpower is my contagious positive energy and belief in people's potential. I'm on a mission to reignite business leaders, create massive impact, and open doors of opportunity. Love is our prospering power to manifest business dreams. 

I am honoured and blessed to be the co founder of the Grand Connection global virtual Edu-networking community to create Grand Connections that impact humanity in significant ways.