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Awaken Your Soul's Creative Genius

First, the woo side:

Ona has been described as “spiritual jumper cables.”

Her YouTube channel, Art of Awakening, enjoys a growing following of awakened souls who appreciate her authentic style and gentle encouragement to follow your own inner truth, including starting your purpose-led passion project or business.

As a mentor, Ona uses art, Nature (including spirit animals), spiritual law, and energy work to help her audience develop a strong “inner GPS” so they can connect more deeply with Spirit and align to their highest purpose.  Many of her clients say the work results in a deep sense of inner peace, connection with their guides, confidence, and abundance in their life, work, and businesses.

Ona also creates beautiful artwork that activates the Divine Essence of your being. The paintings – which often include angels and animal guides - carry a high frequency vibration that helps to activate sacred healing energy within you.

Now, the business side:

Ona is founder and CEO of Green Ink Consulting, LLC, a boutique marketing agency providing content marketing, copywriting, and brand development services for holistic companies. Her goal is to help you express your value so clearly, authentically, and consistently that you become THE #1 natural choice for the people you’re meant to serve.

Ona is an alumna of American Artists and Writers, Inc., the premier training organization for direct response copywriters. She has studied the art and business of copywriting under master copywriters Dan Kennedy and Joshua Boswell.

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